Remote Lift Monitoring

Pro-actively keeping you informed and in control

iKONIC Lift Management and Monitoring System (LMS). Prevent downtime and ensure your lift runs smoothly. Designed to bespoke requirements in order to give the exact level of information required. The information is then delivered (via LAN) to a central location.

24/7  Sophisticated Remote Lift Monitoring

Controlled by open protocol CAN Bus system enabling remote access to the lift via virtual controls. Allowing for reports of trends to predict future failures as well as actioning remote adjustments. Delivering accurate fault diagnostics notifications to the iKONIC Service team. Allowing for prevention maintenance additionially for diagnostics prior to engineers site visit.

Integration For Existing Lifts Available

iKONICs conditioning monitoring sytem can be quickly integrated into any existing lift utilising an API interface and a secured gateway to iKONICs cloud based system. Our leading monitoring tool can measure all key operating perameters and environmental conditions which can be viewed via most smart phones, allowing also for diagnostic and if the correct fit, form and function has been executed for its environment.

Our LMS has four core areas of functionality

  • Monitoring
  • Reporting
  • Analysis
  • Control

These include the lift cars:

  • Status
  • Fault message recording
  • Lift performance analysis
  • Remote control in addition to floor status, lock out and homing.

Core Features Include:

    • Delivers real-time information on elevator operations
    • Opens instant or scheduled control of the elevator parameters
    • Data is collected filtered and stored in a database for analysis
    • Windows-based interface for ease of use

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Remote Lift Monitoring

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