lift Modernisations

Lift Modernisation 

Modernising a lift ikonic are referring to replacing lift components or lift equipment with modern equivalents; we are upgrading the lift. Whereas a lift refurbishment we are replacing lift equipment like for like i.e. direct replacements. The lift modernisation or lift upgrades can be minor or major.

Making lifts smarter, simpler and safer

Evolve your existing lift back to life and ensure reliability, eco-efficiency, comfort and appearance whilst bringing your equipment up to date with latest safety and accessibility standards.

Here at iKONIC we like to keep things as simple as possible for our clients, so we have created these lift upgrade packages. To cover requested lift upgrades. We offer one or a selection of these packages for clients so they can schedule the module they require into their time scales and budgets.

  1. DDA Compliant Lift Upgrade
  2. Cosmetic Lift Upgrade
  3. Lift Component Upgrade
  4. BS999 Evacuation Lift Upgrade (where possible)
  5. Firefighter Lift Upgrade (where possible)
  6. Digital Communications Upgrade

Equality Act Compliant Lift Upgrade – DDA

This lift upgrade package is designed to meet the requirements of EN81-70 – Accessibility to lifts for persons with physical, sensory or cognitive disability.

Typical DDA lift upgrade package comprises of:

  • COP (car operation panel) lift buttons upgrade located as per EN81-70
  • Emergency Lighting
  • LOP Landing Operational Panels) Located as per EN 81-70
  • Mirror installed to the rear wall
  • Handrail
  • Braille where required
  • Induction loop
  • Door entrance increased where applicable

Please note: full compliancy can only be achieved if the existing lift cabin size is at least 1100 x 1400mm with the landing doors entrance 800mm wide.

We may be able to increase door entrances, and lift car sizes subject to a survey.


Cosmetic Lift Upgrade

This lift upgrade package is purely to revitalize a tired looking lift to simply update the décor. This can include features with in the lift car.

Options for:

  • Lift car walls
  • Lift car Celine
  • Lift car floors
  • Lift car buttons and COPs
  • Lift Doors
  • Lift lighting
  • Lift Hand rails and mirrors

These can be in line with the building’s décor, or in line with your company branding. With an extensive range of products for you to select from ranging from luxury to standard finishes. Complete overhauls of the lift car to simply making a lift floor slip resistance.

cosmetic lift upgrade

Upgrade Lift Auto dialers – Lift Emergency Communications

This is something all passenger lift owners should be looking into, if they haven’t already due to the fast approaching digital switch . You can learn more about this and what you need to do here.

digital switch auto dillars

Lift Components Upgrades

This package is when a lift is no longer performing as it should for any number of reasons and any combination of the below can be replaced to modern day equipment.

  • Lift Controller
  • Lift Shaft Wiring
  • Motor & Drive
  • Lift Ropes
  • Lift Doors
  • Complete new cabin to fit pre-existing lift shaft
lift parts upgrade

Evacuation & Firefighter Lift Upgrade

Evacuation and Firefighter lifts should be advised to be required as part of the Fire Assessment conducted on the design of the building or existing building assessment. An Evacuation Lift will be a recommendation as part of the building management fire, evacuation plan.

fire fighting lift upgrade

Fire-fighter Lift Upgrade

This package is for when an existing lift can be upgraded to become an firefighter lift. Dependent on a number of factors. For more information please contact us and send a lift drawing and building plan if possible.

As an example a firefighting lift must

  • be in its own dedicated lift shaft
  • have a means of water egress from the lift shaft pit.

Learn More Here

evacuation lift upgrade

Evacuation Lift Upgrade

This package is for when an existing lift can be upgraded to become an evacuation lift. Dependent on a number of factors. For more information please contact us and send a lift drawing and building plan if possible

As an example an Evacuation lift to comply with regulations must have

  • Lift car minimum size of 1100mm x 1400mm
  • minimum lift entrance doors 800mm

Learn More Here

If you would like help with a lift modernisation or refurbishment please don’t hesitate to contact team ikonic