Lift Upgrades and Modernisations

Making lifts smarter, simpler and safer

Evolve your existing lift back to life and ensure reliability, eco-efficiency, comfort and appearance whilst bringing your equipment up to date with latest safety and accessibility standards.

Why choose iKONIC LIFTS as your partner for your Lifts Upgrades

Positive Return on Investment

iKONIC Lift modernisation improves safety, reliability, comfort, accessibility and cosmetic appearance and has the additional benefit of lowering energy costs and your carbon foot.

Stress Free & User Friendly

Working with iKONIC will ensure the efficiency of your equipment and improve reliability, accessibility and comfort

Enjoy A Hassle-Free Installation Process

Our multi-disciplined engineers provide a professionally managed modernisation process that minimises disturbance to tenants, visitors or employees

iKONIC Offer both Full replacement of a brand-new lift solutions in the shortest time possible, as well as modular modernisation to boost performance with integrated smart modular systems.

For more information on how we can help you with your lift requirements contact our service team today and discover an effective efficient way to upgrade and bring your equipment up to date.

Lift Modernisations 

Ensuring the fit, form and function of your lift project is correct first time on time with iKONIC.


Supporting New and Existing Lifts in the UK

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