Lift Installations

Lift installation company specialising in the installation of bespoke lifts, with the knowledge, experience and highly accredited status including Schedule 18. Which allows us to achieve the most challenging lift installations in some of the most iconic buildings in the UK.

New lift installations are second nature to iKONIC Lifts we offer the lift design, manufacture, and installation all by our expert in house team. Offering passenger lifts, goods lifts, and vertical platform lifts and inclined platform lifts for internal or external installation.

Our vast portfolio of past works offers many proven solutions for technical challenges such as space limitations, low pit, and headroom. Our team stay up to date with the latest technologies and trends and treat each lift installation on its own individual merit. All lift installations completed by iKONIC lifts are sustainable, reliable, durable, efficient, cost-effective, and meet all safety regulations.

Why choose iKONIC Lifts for Your Lift Installations

Very few lift suppliers have the experience and expertise to provide a truly tailored lift installation and fewer still have the correct accreditation to certify it as safe and complaint to the relevant standards. However, iKONIC are uniquely positioned to do both

When it comes to unusual lift configuration or architectural requirements our team has the design and installation experience, credibility, and certification to deliver a truly innovative and compliant lift solution, using our tried and tested installation solutions.

Driven by passion team iKONIC can elevate elite expectations ensuring your lift project visions are bought to life, providing simply stunning results where safety is paramount, and luxury is standard.

Team iKONIC Consider:

  • Architectural solutions
  • Traffic analysis
  • Product specifications
  • Experienced engineering
  • Sustainability and eco efficiency
  • The Equality Act

Energy Efficient Lift Installations

Keeping a lifts ongoing running costs to a minimum is important, which iKONIC can help for both new installations and replacing old lifts. Every new lift we install utilises the latest technology and our energy efficient drives will cut annual out goings without compromising on quality or performance.

iKONIC can also help businesses and organisations regarding obtaining Bream credits to prove you are contributing to lowering your carbon footprint.

Lift Compliance

iKONICS LIFT implicate a rigorous management processes to ensure that every new lift we install fully complies with strict international quality standards. Utilise our highly skilled engineers and leading industry expert consultants and guarantee a lift installation service which is fully compliant, on time, budget and is stress free!

Lift Installations

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Multi-disciplined lift engineers

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    iKONIC Lift Engineers

    iKONIC Engineers are proactive, highly trained, and experienced and have completed some of the most iconic bespoke lift installations in the UK. Multi-disciplined, factory trained and carry out lift maintenance nationally in accordance with the OEM guidelines. Our LEIA membership ensure we follow BS 7255:2005 as standard for lift design, installation, through examination, inspection, testing, service and maintenance, repair and dismantling of lift.

    Do you know what type of lift you need to install?

    Our extensive lift portfolio offers a wide range of commercial lifts as well as lifts for residential homes. Which allows us to provide a lift solution for all requirements. Our team can help you ensure you choose the right fit, form, and function. On time first time!

    Passenger Lift Designed, Supplied, and Installed

    iKONIC Lifts offer an extensive range for multiple application use for many sectors such as: schools, hotels, heritage buildings, offices, stadiums, public and residential buildings.

    Fire Fighter Lifts & Evacuation Lifts Designed, Supplied, and Installed

    Specialist lifts that meet the necessary accreditations, see our blogs for more information

    Good Lifts Designed, Supplied, and Installed

    iKONIC offer goods only lift and goods and passenger lifts, providing robust and heavy-duty solutions. With load capacities from 500kg to 5000kg offering application for a extensive range of industries

    Service Lifts Designed, Supplied, and Installed

    Suitable for heavy goods up to 250kg for when you need to move trolleys and roll cages. Suitable for hotels, homes, bikes, commercial kitchens, and retail.

    Vertical Platform Lifts Designed, Supplied, and Installed

    Seamless integration of vertical platform lifts into commercial buildings or residential homes, for people with impaired mobility including wheelchair users. See our platform vs passenger lifts blog for more information

    Incline Platform Lifts Designed, Supplied, and Installed

    For mobility purposes and access between levels or entry to the building, providing a solution to meet the equality for commercial buildings or simply mobility freedom in the home. Ikonic are official UK partners of Hiro lift. And we provide the most reliable and efficient solutions. Our engineers are factory trained and the UK specialists.

    Dumb Waiters Designed, Supplied, and Installed

    For transportation of small goods, most often silver service and food and beverages

    Bespoke Lift Low Pits & Headroom or Let’s Get Creative

    iKONIC are the UK specialists when it comes to bespoke lifts, let your imagination make your lift project become the talking feature of your building. Or do you have a technical or listed building challenge to tackle. Likely hood is we have already overcome that challenge get in touch today and elevate your expectations.

    iKONIC Lifts Consultancy Approach

    With the most critical part of a custom lift design and manufacture being the consultation and communication with our clients, takin the time to really understand their needs to design a range of options that precisely meet their requirements and balance them against architectural limitations and finishes. iKONIC Lifts always find the best possible answer to any lift challenge and our installation quality standards are second to none!

    Six Step Process For New Lift Designs & Installations

    Project Definition

    Project Definition

    Your lift project will have a specific set of goals understanding these will achieve successful results first time on time and budget.

    Site Structure

    Site Structure

    We will discuss and evaluate all constructing structural elements of both the lift design and your building or environment. Ensuring they support and compliment each other with no compromise on safety.

    Visual Design of The Lift icon

    Visual Design of your New Lift

    If it is important to you, we will focus on the aesthetics and related materials

    Site Development icon

    Site Development

    During manufacture of materials our project management team will work extensively with you in preparation for a successful lift installation.

    Testing The Lift icon

    Testing of your New Lift

    iKONIC conduct all preliminary test and inspections, functional performance, and the commissioning of your newly completed lift installation in preparation for final handover.

    launch icon

    Launch of your New Lift

    Upon final testing completion, we formulate all your “Operational and Maintenance Manuals” prior to a final handover

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