Lift Design

Where your imagination is your only limitation working with iKONIC

iKONIC Lifts believe that every lift project should be developed to reflect the clients individual or business or organisation requirements 

Understanding what your business wish to achieve by implicating a lift or refurbishing an existing model is important to the design process and ensuring your new vertical transportation is fit for purpose

Fit Form & Function

Establishing if the lift needs to transport passengers’ goods or both is a great start, along with frequency of usage, distance required to travel and ensuring any compliancy standards are met.

How Will A Full Design Process Help Me?

  • Enjoy a full comprehensive list of works required for your project
  • Ensures work is planned and carried out to the correct standards and utilises the correct equipment
  • Ensure compliance with the latest standards
  • Advice on the types of service contracts available to you with recommendations
  • Expert professional advice throughout your project
  • Advice on your obligations
  • Comprehensive tests of the complete works to ensure the work is complete

Our lift design services are available for clients across the UK, contact our team today if you would like to learn more about these services.

Lift Design 

Ensuring the fit, form and function of your lift project is correct first time on time with iKONIC.


Supporting New and Existing Lifts in the UK

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