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Lift Consultancy providing expert, impartial advice, and proven solutions for vertical transportation.

Our clients enjoy working with us, due to the flexibility we offer. 75% of our work is from existing clients, our reliability and results speak for themselves. The vast portfolio of services, expertise, and credentials we offer covers the complete spectrum from consultation to design phases, to commissioning all types of lifts. iKONIC Lifts even provide proactive after-care for the service and maintenance of lifts.

Consultancy Lift services

We offer a complete solution for all your lift service requirements our team of experts, are both VT engineers, (vertical transportation), and lift consultancy experts. If you would like more information on why this is important, please read our blog on VT vs Lift Consultant. Our team covers the complete process for both new lifts and existing lifts in new builds or existing buildings, including the assessment, product manufacture, installation, and commissioning.

Experience and know-how you can trust

Our past projects and proven solutions for low pits and headrooms, space limitations, and heritage buildings, display the wealth of experience we have gained working on many projects of all sizes and statuses, with some of the most prestigious and iconic buildings.

Our extensive range of specialist lift services and highly accredited status enables us to build bespoke lift solutions, for any building including, passenger lifts, vertical platform lifts, commercial lifts, inclined lifts, goods lifts, and goods & attendant lifts. Ensuring the correct fit form and function is achieved first time on time every time!

Why choose Team iKONIC as your lift consultant?

All our consultants work with your best interests in mind, we provide our clients with the key information for them to make informed decisions

Team iKONIC consider:

  • Architectural solutions
  • Traffic analysis
  • Product specifications
  • Experienced engineering
  • Sustainability and eco-efficiency
  • The Equality Act

Being accredited under The Lifts Directive Schedule 18 coupled with our extensive knowledge of lift systems ensures we always find the best possible answer to any challenge and our installation quality standards are second to none.

IKONIC Lifts guarantee you the quality and integrity of service from start to finish. Our customers describe our services in three short phrases, on time, on budget, and stress-free! We listen to our client’s needs and strive to overcome any obstacle to develop a dynamic verticle transportation solution, bespoke to your every requirement.

Lift Consultancy

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    Lift Traffic Analysis

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    Our 6 Step Process

    Project Definition

    Project Definition

    Your project will have a specific set of goals and requirements. Understanding these we can ensure that your lift project achieves successful results first time on time.

    Site Structure icon

    Site Structure

    To design your lift, we will discuss all constructing structural elements of both the lift design and your building ensuing they support and complement each other with out safety being compromised and providing a sustainable solution.

    Visual Design of The Lift icon

    Visual Design of The Lift

    The visual design is important to us as much as you, we will develop the aesthetics and related materials by strategically implementing your images, colours, and other elements. Being independent we have an extensive range of options.

    Site Development icon

    Site Development

    During the manufacturing of your lift, our project management team will work extensively with you in preparation for a successful installation.

    Testing The Lift icon

    Testing The Lift

    iKONIC will conduct all preliminary testing and inspections, functional performance tests and the commissioning of your newly completed installation in preparation for final handover.

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    Upon final testing and commissioning we formulate all your Operational and Maintenance manuals prior to a final handover.

    What Our Clients Say

    iKONIC Lifts deem to have many years experience within the industry and when you meet their representatives, you realise they are the right company to help you with your vertical transportation needs. iKONIC will have the answers to your problems and will always provide an enthusiastic and professional level of service

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