Hiro 320 wheelchair lift curved stairs

Perfect For The Following Application Use:

  • Retail Lift
  • New Construction Lift
  • Office Lift
  • Hospitality Lift
  • Public Sector Lift
  • Domestic Lift
  • School Lift
  • Listed Buildings


Inclined Platform Lift

iKONIC Hiro 320 curved incline wheelchair lift offers a unique and unbeatable accessibility solution. Tackling even the tightest corners without loss of stability or safety. Suitable for both indoor and outdoor applications. Making a great wheelchair lift for any challenging stairway or entrance.

Due to the reliability and user-friendliness along with the safety aspects and quality of the Hiro 320, this step lift provides the perfect solution to providing independent access for users in line with the recommendations of The Equality Act 2010 that replaced the Disability Discrimination Act 1995 part I & part M of the building regulations, for public buildings. Ideal for commercial accessibility purposes in locations such as hotels, bars, restaurants, museums, schools, shopping centers, and churches with challenging or curved stairs ways.

Also allowing the ability for disabled people access to their gardens, giving freedom and independence regarding mobility throughout their own homes. With a compact, simple, trusted, safe solution that is easy to maintain.

Available in an all-weather version with a trapezoidal protection and galvanized components as well as extensive moisture protection for all electronic parts ensures peace of mind for outdoor use.

iKONIC offers you a solution individually tailored to your situation – we do not use prefabricated curved sections of the track. The track for the HIRO 320 is manufactured to be a precision fit for your situation thus offering optimised, tight curve radiuses, regardless of the type of stairs. Which also ensures the space on your stairs for others to use remains as wide as possible.

Very smooth running: Seamless acceleration and braking in stopping stations and curves results in a gentle, gliding journey. There are fewer vibrations than with conventional drives. This smooth running is a great advantage for users with spinal damage or similar conditions due to the use of a patented traction drive system. Which uses dual stainless-steel tubes and polyurethane rollers. The track can be fixed via posts or direct to the wall with many fixing options.

The Hiro 320 is the world-renowned market-leading inclined lift complete with its unique patented friction drive system which runs on smooth stainless-steel tubes that can also be safely used as a compliant handrail. The traveling platform is battery-driven with travel capacities of more than 50 meters. There is a range of standard platform sizes and custom executions can be designed and manufactured to suit almost any application. The standard load capacity is rated at 225kg but custom applications can be manufactured to suit 350Kg. Featuring a rated speed of 0.1m/s, handles an inclination up to 70 degrees, and is designed to withstand environments near coastal locations.

The platform folds automatically and is operated by either wall-mounted or handheld radio remote controls. The onboard P50 controller provides unrivaled control and diagnostics and is suitable for both internal or external applications and available in a wide range of finishes to suit your environment. The compact unobtrusive dimensions in parked conditions and the versatility of the track make the Hiro 320 the market and global leading inclined platform lift, with examples found in many of the world’s most iconic buildings.

Being fully driven via 24v DC traction drive system, in the event of mains power failure, the unique battery-powered platform will continue to operate for up to four complete travel cycles.


  • Barriers are automated as standard to aid the use of units.
  • Roll-on roll-off dual access anti-slip ramps make using the unit easy and safe.
  • Complete control during operation with continual pressure on the button.


Perfect For The Following Application Use:

  • Retail Lift
  • New Construction Lift
  • Office Lift
  • Hospitality Lift
  • Public Sector Lift
  • Domestic Lift
  • School Lift
  • Listed Buildings

Perfect For The Following Application Use:

  • Retail Lift
  • New Construction Lift
  • Office Lift
  • Hospitality Lift
  • Public Sector Lift
  • Domestic Lift
  • School Lift
  • Listed Buildings

  • Suitable for staircases between 0 and 70 degrees
  • Suitable for existing buildings with difficult staircases
  • No grease or oil required on the rails
  • Customise to any colour
  • Offers a wide range of platform sizes
  • Resistant and reliable performance
  • Patented traction drive with a dual stainless-steel track
  • Long life and minimal maintenance
  • Fully programmable microprocessor control unit
  • Onboard digital display and fault diagnosis
  • Standard Platform size of 8oo x 1000mm
  • Up to five parking and charging points on landing
  • Suitable for staircases between 0 and 70 degrees
  • Full programmable barrier arms and ramp control


  • Fixed to existing load-bearing walls with minimal preparation.
  • Matching stanchion posts are available if fixing to the wall is not possible
  • Wireless landing controls reduce the need for wiring


  • Speed is monitored constantly
  • Automatic speed reduction unit
  • Safety sensors stop the unit if an obstruction is present.
  • Emergency battery backup allows use in the event of a power failure.
  • Anti-slip platform and ramp surface reduces the risk of slips or trips.
  • The emergency stop is activated if the barriers are lifted whilst the unit is in use.
  • Ramps will only operate when it is safe to move on and off the unit.
  • Unauthorised use can be prevented as the unit cannot be operated without a key.
  • The lift will never be stranded due to the backup manual wind system.


  • Compact and unobtrusive folds away leaving the staircase free for other users.
  • Once folded away no barriers are visible, they are hidden within the unit.
  • Quiet and smooth running is provided by the rack & pinion
  • Maximises the space available whether the lift is in use or stored away.
  • Minimal start space requirements as the lift can start at up to a 70° pitch.


  • Custom Platforms
  • Sideload Platforms
  • On/Off same side
  • Folding Seat
  • Custom Colours
  • Rated Load 250kg or 300kg

RATED SPEED (m/s)0.1
PIT (mm)N/A
HEADROOM (mm)2000
POWER SUPPLY230V 1 Phase 50Hz
DRIVE SYSTEMPatented Traction Drive With Dual Stainless-steel Track.