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Perfect For The Following Application Use:

  • Bespoke Made For Any Application Use


Possibilities Are Endless

iKONICs world famous range of bespoke Passenger Lifts offer the perfect opportunity to let your creative talent explore the endless possibilities available in the design of your new lift. With impressive capabilities with infinite travel, high speed and usage and options to have three entrances on different sides of the lift car. Being independent and not tied to a corporate brand it enables us to be flexible when  designing our equipment enabling us to select the best components from industry leading suppliers that are all brought together with our market leading open protocol control systems.

From utilising existing building architecture, such as a light well that wishes to be preserved in a Grade listed building,  to restoring or installing a new lift with technical limitations –  like a low headroom or pit, or cosmetic challenges that must blend in to the existing surroundings, such as a church that requires accessibility but does not wish to lose the look and feel of their sacred building. Maybe you are just wanting to provide that talking feature or that great first impression to your own clients or visitors and want to know what is possible.

Elevate Your Expectations

Here at iKONIC this means we can help you create a lift solution for your business, organisation or home that is totally bespoke to your requirements and your building, that can be any shape, material or size with any capabilities that you may require.

iKONIC have created many bespoke prestigious passenger lifts for some of the most iKONIC buildings in the UK including famous organisations and people.

It does not matter if you are an experienced architect, contractor or an individual requiring your first lift solution, our talented friendly expert team are on hand to make your project as simple and stress free as possible.

Key Items to think about before you contact us include:

  • The frequency the lift will be use by its passengers
  • How many floors or meters the lift must travel?
  • The weight or people capacity you require
  • The type of building the lift is to be installed into
  • Cosmetic look and feel of the lift car and landing doors
  • Any special additional requirements you would like to include, handrail, monitor screen for advertisement and information.

If your lift project is more challenging and you are facing obstacles, we would love to hear from you as we have most likely provided a trial and tested solution in the past.


Perfect For The Following Application Use:

  • Bespoke Made For Any Application Use

Perfect For The Following Application Use:

  • Bespoke Made For Any Application Use

RATED SPEED (m/s)<2.5
PIT (mm)From 300
HEADROOM (mm)From 2500
ENTRANCE OPTIONSSingle Entrance - Entrace on one side of car
Through Entrance - Entrances on two sides of car
Adjacent Entrance - Entrance on three sides of car

iKONIC lift can supply the Jupiter in a number of diffrent shapes as shown below.


Square Shapped Lift Standard


Circular Shapped Lift Elegant in Glass


Hexagon Shapped Lift


Pentagon Shapped Lift


Rectangle Shapped Lift


Oxagon Shapped Lift

All iKONIC Passenger Lifts can be customised to your own design or engineering requirements.
Offering a huge range of bespoke finish options, from customising your buttons to the ceiling of your car. Including Modern ,Traditional and Contemporary designs.
If you are looking for inspiration check out our Inspiration Gallery that showcases some of our latest projects.

CALL: 0203 376 6440 to request a consultation with one of our lift experts

iKONIC lift structures are available for both Passenger and Residential Lifts. Aiding the flexibility we require to provide the right solution to our clients. iKONIC can overcome and eliminate architectural barriers and provide solutions for total accessibility in a commercial or domestic environment.

iKONIC offer multi-purpose technical solutions for every building type, our structures can be adapted to the different constructive needs of the application.
Our range of structures are designed to be integrated into your existing building and its environment. Offering a wide range of options and accessories including; ceilings, roofs over entrances for outdoor lifts, handrails and ventilation. Along with different types such as Transparent Glass, Frosted Glass, Blind Sheet, Preforated Sheet or Full Glass Lift Structures

Regardless of your requirements you can be sure iKONIC will have the correct solution for YOU. First time every time. Our steel frame structures make passenger lift installation possible regardless if the building is not strong enough to support a passenger lift, uses light well construction methods, or timber frame buildings or if you are looking to create a stunning glass lift structure.

With over 150 years combined experience and industry knowledge utilising our trail and tested methods with some of the most prestigious and complex innovated lift installations in the world include in our portfolio.

IKONIC are one of fastest growing bespoke independent lift companies in the UK, with strong connections with-in the industry leading manufactures around the world and utilise the latest technologies, finest components and our knowhow and experience.

iKONIC Deliver Results That Meet Elite Expectations.

iKONIC strongly believe in taking the personal approach regarding each project we undertake, and we guarantee all the project brief is carried out in full with in relevant legistration and we endeavour to provide the perfect solution which is reflected in the finish result.