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Clearwave 222 Lift Sanitation

Continuously keeping your lifts environment safe. Clearwave 222 Lift Sanitation is the latest innovation in continuously sanitising the air and surfaces in your lift. Designed to protect high traffic and high touched areas to help create healthier cities of the future. The UVC innovations are proven to provide you with a safe, always working solution to protect your lift passengers.

Completely safe to operate and safe for people. Clearwave222 is safe for humans and animals. The light can penetrate and kill bacteria but unable to penetrate human cells unlike conventional UVC lights.



Inactivates pathogens within seconds. Clearwave22 effectively eliminates 99.9% or pathogens such as bacteria or viruses, including COVID19. Both on surfaces and air-borne with its 20m2 area.



Clearwave222 is Safe

Clearwave is fully compliant with EU legislation. Unlike conventual UVC light, Clearwave222 is completely safe to use where people are present in the exposure range of the bulb. The light is strong enough to penetrate and kill bacteria but not strong enough to penetrate human skin

Easy Use

User Friendly

Clearwave can be fitted to the ceiling of any domestic or commercial premises to provide maximum effective coverage, keeping your employees, customers or the public safe from harmful bacteria and viruses. Providing the perfect simplest solution for lift sanitisation.


Exposure coverage

Clearwave222 is effective in killing bacteria and viruses on surfaces and in the air with in a 20m2 area

Clearwaves 222 has muliple application use:

Suitable not only for a lift, for domestic or office use but also effective in public spaces such as:

  • Schools
  • Hospitals
  • Public Transport; Bus, Train Stations, Airports
  • Shops, Bars, Restaurants, Banks
  • Gyms, Supermarkets, Hotels
  • Council and Government offices
  • GP Surgeries & Dentists

Benefits of Clearwave 222:

  • The invisible light is able to sterilise and kill both air-borne and surface located viruses, bacteria or moulds.
  • Clearwaves has been shown in multiple studies that shining a light of 222nm is effective in killing at least 99.9% of any type of bacteria or virus (including COVID19) either on a surface or air-borne.
  • The Clearwave wavelength will not penetrate the surface layer of a person’s skin or the moisture layer on the surface of their eye.
  • Clearwave is safe to continue operation even when people are present in the effective kill zone of the bulb.


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