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How Clearwave222 Works

Far-UVC the science behind the light

Unlike UV light which is dangerous and harmful to our eyes and skin, Far-UVC sits within the wavelength range of effective short wave UV light which kills viruses and bacteria which is between 200mm and 280mm (nano metres) proven to be effective in both killing surface and airborne pathogens whiclst being safe for contact with human eyes and skin.

Following exstensive testing it has been found that people can work and operate in regulated and controlled Far-UVC environments for up to eight hours in any twenty-four hour period without negative impacts.

This discovery is a clear game changer when dealing with global pandenmics. And provides a safe contiounious solultion protecting both the air and surfaces in your lift.

Very low doese of far-UVC light effectively kill airborne human corona viruses carried by aerosols. A dose as low as 1.2 to 1.7 mj/cm2 of 222-nm light inactivates 99.9% of the airborne human corona virus tested both genera beta and alpha, respectively.


Cleaner Air Safer Lifts

In terms of Covid-19 facilities management, Clearwaves222 protection replaces the need for chemical cleaners, disinfectants and, pesticides which product VOCs.

inside your lift or building, volatile compound are harmful, carcinogenic air pollutants that evaporate at normal indoor atmospheric conditions.



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