Total Project Time:

20 Weeks

Our People:

Sales Manager
Project Manager
4 x Engineers

Installation Time:

10 Weeks


Full BEIS Derogation Process Required


The University of Cambridge is home to the oldest colleges Gonvill & Caius, which has educated many famous and retributed students who have made significant accomplishments, including fifteen Nobel Prize Winners.
Within the beautiful old courts in the heart of Cambridge, long historical associations with medical teaching have bloomed, especially due to its alumni physicians: John Caius and William Harvey.

Along with Stephen Hawking, previously Cambridge’s Lucasian Chair of Mathematics Emeritus, was a fellow of the college until his death in 2018.

Today with around 550 undergraduate students and 280 graduates, Caius is the largest and most diverse college in Cambridge and required a more reliable Passenger and Goods lift solution. The colleges key objective was for the lifts to serve a minimum of 25 years reliable service.


Gonville & Caius’s requirements were to replace four existing lifts. Two passenger goods lifts and two goods lifts, which were originally installed circa 1950’s. Our team were tasked with removing all the existing lifts including disposal, and fully designing the new lifts, incorporating the latest technology accompanied with reliable and proven equipment.

Offering iKONIC several challenges to overcome.

1: The buildings were Grade I and Grade II listed offering many limitations.

2: The existing shafts were of an aged construction and design.

3: A Derogation order had to be obtained.

Due to the bespoke nature of the passenger goods lifts it was not possible to comply with current UK regulations EN81-20/50.

As these lifts offered the challenge of reduced headroom and pit depths. In normal circumstances it would have prevented a conventional lift being installed, normally resulting in a low speed platform lift being the only option.

However, iKONIC offered a solution.


A total of four different bespoke lifts have been installed at Gonville & Caius. As iKONIC Lifts are accredited to Annexe 11 of the lift regulations, we were able to present this unique case to BEIS and applied for a Derogation Order for this unique location. The order was granted after review by BEIS, enabling iKONIC Lifts to legally install the Lifts to EN81-21. A standard containing a range of additional electromechanical safety devices, reducing the risks normally associated with a reduced headroom and pit depth.

Lift A and B | Passenger Goods Lifts

Utilised iKONIC’s Jupiter Passenger Lift with bespoke elements. The existing lift shafts condition was poor and required considerable design input.

Lift A housed 3 doors on 3 different sides of the lift car, with only a travel of 500mm between floors.

Lift C and D | Goods Lifts

iKONIC’s Goods Lifts incorporating adjacent entry and uprated capacity.

The motors at the top had to be centrally fitted with additional pulleys due to headroom and access issues.


Once the installation was completed an independent Design Examination was undertaken by our Notified Body, confirming the additional safety measures had been included.

The original lifts age had a detrimental effect on their reliability and maintenance costs, with a lack of replacement spare parts available.

iKONIC provided maintainable solutions within the allocated areas, for each lift and ensured the correct fit, form, and function for each. Ensuring safe and comfortable use for years to come.

iKONIC installed all four bespoke lifts on time and budget, facing the challenge of a 10-week Covid-19 shutdown.

iKONIC Juipter Lift

A professional versatile robust lift solution suitable for multi-applications.

iKONIC Galaxy Goods Lift

iKONIC Galaxy Goods lift has up to 2000kg rated load

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