Total Project Time:

2 Weeks

Our People:

Project Manager
2 x Engineers

Installation Time:

2 Days

Accessibility Lift Restored For Grade Listed Building In Wales

Grade II Listed Building | Scissor Lift Hydraulic Issue | Diagnosed & Restored on time


A historic Baptist chapel in Monmouthshire Wales underwent a huge renovation in early 2015, restoring the grade II listed building. The redundant building was converted into a restaurant, art shop, and performance and exhibition space. As part of the renovations they included full access for all by installing lifts both internally and externally without hindering the historic fabric of this significant building.

The facility manager contacted our service department as they had been experiencing issues with the external lift. They were unsure if they needed a replacement lift or if this 10 year old lift could be revived. Stating the venue prepares to host a rapidly approaching event, and the lift must function to allow people with limited mobility access to their restaurant. Our service manager promptly arranges a site visit to assess the lift and options available for them.

grade listed building with lift


iKONIC completed an onsite inspection of the 750kg Liftman Scissor Lift. Due to the design of these lifts, the workings can be difficult to access. On arrival the lift was locked at ground level. Upon reviewing the lift, our experienced engineers could see oil in the pit, which indicated a hydraulic challenge involving a hose or piston. Identify the issue enough to advise our client that we could restore the lift.

However an A frame would be required to complete a full inspection of the pit and undertake any works. Our main challenge for our team was that we had no idea of the weight of the cabin, mainly due to the bespoke stone cladding floor. Which meant we wouldn’t be able to use a standard 500kg to 1 ton A frame.

A new lift hose had to be manufactured since the old one had corroded and become damaged.

With only two weeks before their special event, we had a tight timeframe to complete this challenge for our client.

burst hydraulic lift pipe


Our project manager scheduled the repairs so they could be completed within the timeframe available. Arranged for a 3 ton A frame to be on site. Our engineers hoisted the lift into the air and put safety props in place. In order to dry out all the oil spill, they coated the pit with a soak spill kit. As anticipated, the hose was corroded and burst. We removed the hose and had a replacement made.

Our engines safely installed the replacement hose and refilled the oil tanks. The oil spill kit was cleaned and the lifting equipment removed. The lift was checked and then tested for 30 minutes to ensure the repair was completed and no further issues were presents.

We advised our client that in order to prevent this from happening in the future, a drainage solution should be installed in the pit.

sissor lift lifted with a frame


Due to our project manager and engineers, we were able to locate the issue and fix the lift in two visits. Most importantly the external lift was working in time for the clients event, providing accessibility to their restaurant and complying fully with DDA.

The project was completed on time and on budget. The customer was very happy, resulting in a new service contract for ikonic lifts for both their internal and external lift.

The refurbished lift should now give a further 10 years’ use, if serviced correctly giving access to all, to the historic listed building.

restored scissor lift

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