Total Project Time:

26 Weeks

Our People:

Project Manager
2 x Engineers

Installation Time:

10 Weeks

Five Lifts Designed & Installed – Full Derogation with BEIS required

iKONIC Lifts design and install five lifts for cambridge college. Overcoming space limitations & low headrooms and providing a very bespoke lift to meet their full requirements.


Our Client, Sidney Sussex College is in the historic heart of Cambridge. Sidney is one of the smaller Cambridge Colleges, and is renowned for its warm and welcoming atmosphere and friendly community. Founded in 1596 by Lady Frances Sidney, Countess of Sussex. The College is home to a diverse and dynamic community of around 355 undergraduate students, 275 postgraduate students, and 80 Fellows.

Commencing an ambitious development project to replace the kitchens and create new facilities, this involved relocating the main kitchen underground the master’s Garden. Providing an amazing space for the Award-winning kitchen team. iKONIC Lifts were approached by the architect undertaking this challenge due to previously working with us for a different college, with bespoke lift requirements.

Our team were asked to help with the initial planning designs as to how many lifts would be required, and the best locations for them within the historic building. They required lifts to service the kitchen for silver service and personnel and goods.


The Grade I Listed building with three different levels and very little travel distance between them. Along with interconnecting floors posed the biggest challenge. Along with the nibs (wall entrance surrounds) being incorrectly built just prior to the main lift installation. Resulting in late design changes and new material being required at the last minute.

Designing a bespoke lift to meet the requirements and environment was a task that iKONIC Lifts love to take on. Challenges always present themselves with listed buildings due to constraints imposed on lift shafts, environment, and design.

Time constraints and material shortages experienced throughout Europe due to the COVID-19 Epidemic and various lock downs, did not stop
iKONIC. Our team conducted the installation in a highrisk environment, working together safely with the third parties on site who were building and renovating.

Due to the age of the building, we also faced low headroom applications. As planers would not allow roof extensions for the headrooms, so a full derogation process was required, meaning that the aesthetic of the heritage building would not be disturbed and iKONIC had to design and install the lifts to meet the full criteria safely. We had a unique lift to design and install as unique as the building itself!


Our team assessed the building and requirements and proposed 5 lifts. Each had bespoke elements and contained the latest modern state of the art machinery and components.

Lift One: An adjacent sided full cabin vertical platform lift was required to service the kitchen and the William Mong Hall which is the largest modern meeting space in Sidney. The configuration of the basement did not allow for a single sided lift, as it extended further above the Mong Hall and structural concrete wall. The iKONIC Eclipse Platform Lift was installed to meet the requirements.

Lift Two: A through car dumb waiter serving the back of the kitchen to a conference room, due to the exciting wooden panelling we located the lift behind a panel door.

Lift Three & Four: A Dual pair of 100Kg dumbwaiters servicing the new kitchen to the conference facility on the upper floor where we over came the challenge of reduce head room, and space limitations provided by concrete pillars. One to serve food and the other to clear away.

Lift Five: Was the most bespoke design providing a solution for user access as well as trolly transformation for the upper, lower kitchen and stores. A MRL passenger lift was required for the new kitchen area serving three floors with short travel distance and required three different lift door entrances on different sides of the lift car. Utilising the iKONIC Jupiter Passenger Lift we were able to provide the solution for this unique requirement. Using the correct components to handle the short distance of travel and the additional weight of three car doors is one of the many things iKONIC has solutions for.

From the initial consultation, applying for derogation with BEIS, and designing and manufacturing the bespoke lifts, Ikonic were able to offer a full catered solution on all the lifts for the College.


iKONIC Lifts hold Schedule 18 of the Lift Regulations which means we have full quality assurance in the design and installation of bespoke lifts. The results prove we can offer solutions for listed buildings with bespoke requirements and limitations on space and existing protected building structures.

The final lift installation was met with significant appraisal from both the architect and client to allow the new kitchen area to be opened after challenges had pursued this project in 2020 due to Covid restrictions and late design changes by the architect.

We utilised BS EN81-21 for the main MRL passenger lift with the three dumbwaiters conforming to BS EN81-3.

The bespoke high-quality lifts installed met all the client’s project goals and will provide many years of reliable service to the college.

iKONIC Eclipse Platform Lift

Vertical Platform Lift

iKONIC Jupiter Passenger Lift

Bespoke MRL

iKONIC Dumbwaiters

50kg - 100kg

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