Total Project Time:

40 Weeks

Our People:

Project Manager
2 x Engineers

Installation Time:

20 Weeks

Fire Fighter Lifts and Accessibility Solution for Three New Builds in London


Our client is an established family run construction company, which operates in and around London and the South-East since 1884.

Specialist within their field to provide building services for housing, education, healthcare, heritage, and the sports & leisure industries. They were approached by a housing association to design and build Three Severn storey blocks of residential apartments in the Southeast of London.

After exploring our website, they were impressed with our product portfolio and capabilities. We were chosen as they required design input, lift shaft construction and traffic analysis.

A priority for our client was the lifts needed to be open protocol, plus they were looking for firefighter lifts which is required when a lift is travelling more than 18 meters.

The Three blocks of flats were to be built each comprising of a fire fighting machine room less passenger lift, with one of the blocks to incorporate an additional platform lift to give easy accessibility access to the rear of the building, with the fire fighter lift handling the front, building access.

new build london with firefighter lift


With construction well underway prior to our first site visit, the core concrete lift shafts had been poured, which proved a challenge due to the sizes, plumb lines, and floor assembly.

Due to Fire-fighter lifts having special requirements, we advised on the lack of design for water egress which is required. The water disposal hadn’t been considered and the design works had already been completed.

iKONIC have proven solutions for this due to working with existing buildings including listed buildings.

Our main challenge was to design a bespoke sized lifts to fit the cores and ensure all the firefighter lift regulations were adhered to, including helping with the design of the secondary power source as this is also a mandatory requirement


We used our experience of working with bespoke spaces, to overcome the concrete lift shafts that had already been poured, plumb lining the lift shaft to design the bespoke sized lift to fit.

iKONIC Lifts not only supplied all the lifts, we provided consultation including the design and installation of not only the lifts but suitable sump pump units.

iKONIC redesigned the bracketry to move the doors to fit back into the lift shaft, as the surrounding sills around the entrances couldn’t be cut.

All the lift doors had to be pushed back into the lift shaft which encompassed new fire-proof entrance surrounds being designed to obtain building approval.

iKONIC Lifts worked extensively with all personnel on site through out the whole process.
iKONIC Lifts installed three MRL Lifts using our iKONIC Hercules with a speed of 1.6m/s.

We included BS-EN 71 (cat 1 anti-vandal) BS-EN 72 (firefighter regulations) which were fully met. The lifts featured a linen finish and Bronzed door sills.

iKONIC Lifts provided the consultation for the secondary power source and supplied the telecommunications with a GSM unit, due to a lack of analogue lines. this makes the lift future proof and ready for the BT analogue switch off.

The additional Platform lift for extra accessibility for the rear of the one building was achieved using the iKONIC Classic platform lift.


iKONIC lifts provided consultation, designed, supplied, and installed and tested four high standard lifts. Completed on time and within budget. Resulting on our client receiving praise from their own customer.

All the lifts were completed prior to final handover of the building. iKONIC lift provided Three fully complaint Fire fighter lifts that are also accredited as anti-vandal lifts. Providing safety for the residents and any firefighters that may need to attend the building in future, meeting the building regulations.

Team iKONIC solutions also ensured easy access to both the front and the back of the building as requested by the client, providing a less expensive options of a platform lift as the fire fighter regulations were already covered for that core.

We obtained a Breeam credit for the lifts aiding the buildings carbon footprint. All lifts also comply to BS-EN 81-70 which is classed as an accessibility regulations. Along with providing a full trafic analysis for all the lifts.

As a result, we are undertaking more lift projects and consultation work for our client, due to our quality of work, reliability, and capabilities.


“A refreshing experience –
Amazing trustworthy company providing an impeccable service, highly recommended”
Peter -Project Manager