Total Project Time:

18 Weeks

Our People:

Project Manager
2 x Engineers

Installation Time:

5 Weeks

Passenger Lift For Existing Lift Shaft With Bespoke Lift Car Finishes

Kensington | London | Private Residential Home


A London-based construction company were renovating an 18-million-pound home in Kensington, belonging to a mystery high-profile owner.

It required the removal of an old hydraulic lift and the installation of a new sustainable passenger lift that could be installed in the pre-existing lift shaft. Without additional building work being needed. Interior designers in Los Angeles had a brief about how the new lift cars should look.

This development company was searching for a lift partner, that could take care of all facets of the project. Including consultation, design, supply, installation, and testing. An architect for whom we’ve delivered many projects recommended iKONIC Lifts.

Our consultant visited the client’s site to conduct a free survey so that we could provide a solution and quotation for a complete proposal for a five stop bespoke passenger lift.

Kensington London Houses


As iKONIC knows how to work with existing lift shafts, this was not a huge challenge for our team. Due to inclusion early in the tender process and being able to complete an onsite survey. Many issues we would normally face were eradicated.

We found that low headroom or pits were not required. Paul Hasting spotted an opportunity to maximize the space for a larger lift car and enhanced user experience. Devised a timescale to fit in with the constructions works. There could be some challenges with delivery, of our equipment due to the location, and possibly collaborating with the interior design team overseas, which might take place outside of regular hours. In addition, we would have to modify the lift doors slightly, for this application.

The early inclusion of the project really helped us overcome a lot of challenges that normally would arise. We removed and disposed responsibly of the old hydraulic lift for our client as our first task.

existing lift shaft


Our experts, identifying opportunities to maximize space and working within the constraints, specified the equipment suitable for the existing lift shaft. Achieving a much larger lift car in comparison to the old one. We obtained our brief from the interior design team in LA and provided lift car samples, that matched their requirements. We worked out of hours to collaborate and ensure the project didn’t fall behind and the LA team was completely happy with the samples.

iKONIC Mars Passenger Lift best suited this application to fit the pre-existing lift shaft. A slight modification to the doors, (moving the lintels up) which allowed the unit designed for the space to fit perfectly. Providing an efficient sustainable vertical transportation solution. All elements and project management were taken care of by our team for the client. iKONIC engineers worked around the construction company time scales. Utilising our high-quality industry leading components featuring open protocol systems, and the approved luxury lift car finishes.

lift delivery central london


Our client was impressed with our project management and complete lift solution. Which we achieved on time and budget. Working seamless and around the contractors timescales, with no additional building works required by the building contractors. Fully meeting our brief.

Importantly their client is very happy, and we have provided the best lift solution and user experience that meet the interior designers’ expectations. The lift car finishes comprised of Black Florentine Patinated Brass, on both car and landing doors, skirtings, celling, and lift control panels. Fluted Oak used for the lift car interior encasing the elegant, patterned fabric. All illuminated and enhanced by the bespoke brass light fitting.

Resulting in a fully complaint tested lift handed over, to serve five floors of the property. All elements of the project taken care of an accountable for by iKONIC Lifts allowing our client to concentrate on the other elements of the huge refurbishment development.

All relevant standards were achieved BS EN 81-20/50, BS EN 81-28, BS EN 81-73, BS EN 81-58.