Total Project Time:

6 Months

Our People:

Sales Manager
Project Manager
8 x Engineers

Installation Time:

8 Weeks

Bespoke Retail Lift Solutions


JD Sports


JD sports is the fashion, multichannel retailer of branded sports and casual wear with over 700 stores in 19 territories. Our client was undertaking the refurbishment of a three-storey building on the busy Argyle Street in Glasgow city centre, creating a flag ship store with retail over two floors. Set to retain its exiting location and expand into the neighbouring unit to create a new flagship spanning 12,830 square foot over
two floors. Designed by JD Sports’ in-house team and incorporates the store design being rolled out across the retailer’s network of stores, as seen in the Newcastle flagship.

Group Acquisitions Manager at JD Sports,
Warren Thompson, said:
We are excited to nearly double the size of our store and bring the latest fit out and concept to Silverburn. The additional space will enable us to offer a wider range of products to our loyal customers and realise the full potential of this location.

JD Sports


Being a flag ship store we had many elements to provide with the removal of an existing 13-person hydraulic passenger lift and the supply of:
• new 8-person passenger,
• 2No. escalators
• and a bank of 4No. dumbwaiters.

Working alongside the JD project team and the designers we came up with a perfect scheme that perfectly reflected the JD branding.

The escalators and the dumbwaiters were part of the focal point as you entered the store with the escalators going down to level – 1 and the dumbwaiters installed into a glass shaft with the moving components being powder coated black and yellow to match the JD colours.

Due to the location of the store on a busy retail street deliveries were very challenging and had to be done in the very early hours, the escalators had to be split into two pieces and the shop front removed so they could be safety moved into the building and due to the structural integrity of the shop floor we had to provide special spreader plates so the escalators could be safely positioned on the shop floor.

Another challenge we faced was with the passenger lift, as this was only for customer use the lift didn’t serve the basement level, (stock room), we overcame this by incorporating a suspended pit floor.

Sophisticated Lift Thinking


The product iKONIC chose was particularly appealing to the client due to it being 8 person and travelling at 1 m/s. the lift was finished with framed glass fire rated doors and a counterweight safety gear due to the
suspended pit.

The dumbwaiters were chosen due to their reliability and iKONIC using them on various other JD projects across the UK and Europe.

During the design phase it was decided that the dumbwaiters would be used as a focal point in the store, being used to carry stock from the basement level 4No. dumbwaiters were used to create a square that were installed in a steel structure clad in glass.

Incorporating JD’s colours, we had the moving components powder coated black and yellow with matt black landing doors.

Clear Perspex dividing screens were also fitted to divide the lifts while keeping the vision of being a glass structure. Working alongside the electrical contractor’s neon lights were installed on the from face of the

We also provided two escalators that served the -1 level, installed either side of the show piece dumbwaiters they were finished in stainless steel with glass balustrades which helped to create a very appealing entrance to the store.

The installations were carried out by our factory trained engineers.

Sophisticated Lift Thinking


iKONIC Jupiter passenger lift, 100kg dumbwaiters and the escalators installation was completed and handed over to the client on time for the buildings completion and building control inspection. Ensuring the store opened on schedual.

The lift has now given easy access to all floors making the store very accessible to all, incorporating the branding and achieved the atmosphere which complimented the environment well and aided the company’s vision for their own customers experience, and brand awareness.

Since iKONIC have provided solutions to tight deadlines for the JD team in multiple locations across Europe including London since 2007.

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