Total Project Time:

11 Weeks

Our People:

Consultant, Project Manager and 2 Engineers

Installation Time:

4 Weeks

Installation of Bespoke Passenger Lift To Multi Million Pound Home

Our Client

The centre of London is home to some of the most expensive real estate in the world. Residential homes comprising of 12 bedrooms, 2 basements, 2 lifts, a cinema, a gym, separate leisure areas, a Spa complete with a 20m Swimming Pool that seamlessly transforms itself into an entertainment space, plus a separate mews property, this super-prime project totalled 22,500 sq. ft.

iKONIC LIFTS Ltd was one of several sub-contractors working on this major residential project, nestled anonymously amongst foreign embassies in the heart of Belgravia which required flexibility, teamwork, and an exact approach to quality control.

iKONIC Challenge

iKONIC had to ensure this lift looked stunning but also worked effortlessly, oval underdriven glazed doors, aged bronze finishes, space limitations. The structure was cleverly designed to be used as a conduit for all necessary electrical and mechanical services minimising the visual impact.

Installing a circular lift into a delicate elliptical stone staircase was a significant challenge as the structure of the lift could not transfer any load to the delicate feature staircase in this £125m property and was certainly going to be challenging.

Due to the bespoke nature of the lift several design workshops were held with the client’s representatives and architects enabling visual concepts to be developed and samples produced.

Upon approval of the shaft samples 3D solid working models were developed enabling the structural integrity of the shaft to be closely analysed. It quickly became apparent there was a tendency for the structure to lean into the staircase which was not acceptable.

To overcome the bending movement, we designed a structural spine for the shaft by using more rigid structural steel for the shaft panels located at the rear of the structure cancelling the flexing of the structure to within tolerable limits.

iKONIC Solution

iKONICS Project Manager quickly completed a staged delivery plan ensuring enough equipment on site for our engineers to work without overloading the site with materials, eliminating any health and safety or damage issues that may occur, combating our confined working area.

Our team quickly established that there would be significant issues installing the hydraulic ram and control equipment and it was therefore decided to lower the ram into its bore hole prior to the completion of the basement levels alleviating future issues.

Once the Ram and power pack were installed and commissioned, the structures vertical columns and landing floor rings were installed with the lift car floor, we were able to develop a working platform enabling the structure to be installed section by section.

As the staircase had not been completed landing levels were theoretically in place but due to tolerance build up in the construction of the bespoke staircase finalised. Onsite measurements needed to be taken enabling the structures landing plates to align with the actual floor levels.

A proactive flexible approach and working in close cohesion with other trades enabled the spectacular deployment of the Modern Moroccan Lantern lift

iKONIC Results

The bronze meshed “Modern Moroccan Lantern” lift, designed, manufactured and installed by ikonic Lifts, which rides up the centre of four floors, was fully installed on time. The circular lift car with a glass ceiling which gives a view to the London sky as it moves up to the top, shows no mechanical workings or electrical wiring. The finished result was simply stunning and completes the ambience of the space and complements its environment creating an immersive experience as a passenger and furthermore a fabulous luxurious taking point for the multi-million-pound grade listed building.

Installation went to plan with no delays and once fully tested was handed over as a safe working passenger lift.


iKONIC innovate design and lift installations services always provide the perfect solution for our clients.
If you have a project you would like some expert help and advice with, please do not hesitate to contact our dedicated team.

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