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6 Weeks

Our People:

Sales Manager, Project Manager, 2 x Engineers

Installation Time:

2 Days



Gloucester Cathedral has been the home of Christian worship for over 1,300 years, as far back as 1089 a monk called Serlo was appointed to build up the wealth of the abbey and built the magnificent church which impresses its visitors today. In the middle ages the cathedral had significant royal associations in 1216 Henry III who succeeded to the throne at the age of only nine was crowed here.

Major building works were completed in the 13th century including a first lady chapel and new Tower and refectory. In 1327 King Edward II was buried in the grounds. A shrine monument was erected over the tomb of the dead king. Due to royal patronage and popular devotion funds flooded into the abbey enabling remodelling of the east end in the very latest “Perpendicular” style.

The 15th century saw the west end being developed and finally towards the end of the century the present-day lady chapel. Then under Oliver Cromwell there was a move to demolish the cathedral building altogether (it was saved by the intervention of the mayor and burgesses of the City of Gloucester). Throughout the 18th, 19th and 20th centuries they have carried out repairs and conservation work rather than rebuilding or remodelling the building.


straight stone stairs with in Gloucester cathederal

Being such a cherished and scared building, our team faced the challenge of providing an accessibility solution, that could not look out of place or disturb the ambience of the cathedral. Our client wished for all visitors to be able to discover and worship at will unattended.

Our team were taken back by the outstanding examples of differing architectural styles. Assessing the building it was clear that due to the steep narrow staircases some areas of the cathedral would not be suitable to provide wheelchair access making the Tower the Tribune gallery and the Library not feasible, without introducing a passenger or platform lift.

However, the main areas of the glorious building most certainly could accommodate an inclined lift. Which would achieve the clients wishes.

The amazing, embossed design and the uneven walls were certainly going to be challenged to install a regular inclined lift rail.


ikonic Hiro 360 solution for cathedral incline lift installation

Our team collaborated to come up with the perfect solution that not only would blend into the surroundings but also create the least impact on the stair ways when not in use. Both a robust and compact solution was required that would not look out of place against the amazing stonework architecture.

The curved inclined platform lifts that iKONIC selected was our German engineered Hiro 320 Curved Inclined Lift.

Although the staircase is a straight flight, this allowed for the platform to be tucked against the wall when not in use and easier and more accessible for the user to get on board without disruption to others.

Our team decided that the only suitable solution would be to post mount the inclined this would then eradicate any concerns of damage to the walls and provide a better foundation for the lift workings

iKONIC worked extensively with paint experts to ensure the posts, rail and platform matched the surroundings perfectly to blend into the environment. To achieve this the lifts were powder coated in carefully selected colours to match the historic stonework’s.


hiro 320 incline platform lift

The Hiro 320 Curved Inclined Lift is the best of its kind in the world providing the ultimate robust solutions for many years of uninterrupted use for the longstanding building, as well as being simple and easy to operate for the end-user.

With the design and installation completed Gloucester Cathedral can now give access for wheelchair users to worship, with little to no disruption or changes to the main structure of the building.

Successfully fully achieving our detailed brief from our client perfectly with in budget and on time.

Hiro 320 Curved Incline

Learn More about the World Famous 320 Curved Incline Lift

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