Total Project Time:

20 Weeks

Our People:

Sales Manager
Project Manager
4 x Engineers

Installation Time:

8 Weeks

Lift Soultions To Fit The Environment & Building


Our client currently is one of the fastest growing hotel chains in the UK offering centrally located hotels within unique properties in exceptional locations. By establishing hotels in the heart of the City, they offer compact luxurious rooms close to the tourist attractions the City has to offer.
Our client was converting an historic building into a 190+ bedroom hotel located in the heart of London’s
midtown. The building in a previous life was home to one of the most important recording venues for classical music and film music in Central London.


Our team overcame several challenges on this project. Firstly, the building had short adjacent floors of only 500mm owing to its architectural background which posed a challenge for a traditional type of passenger lift.
iKONIC needed to design and manufacture a self supporting structure to be positioned within a tall central wrap type staircase, for which one of the lifts needed to serve. With a travel of 19m and short adjacent serving floors this posed a challenge. We were requested to carry out energy consumption reports in line with VDI 4707 (Energy efficiency) and traffic analysis in line with the clients target for BREEAM.

Finally ensuring the appearance of the lifts were in line with the historic décor of the building including the clients chosen car wall interior finishes.


At the front of the reception, we installed our unique friction drive curved Hiro 320 platform lift. We had a short bottom landing area of less than 1200mm which required a sharp incline start. The Hiro 320 benefits from an industry leading friction drive unit enabling this unique feature.

Our second lift was our Jupiter MRL 630kg passenger lift consisting of adjacent 90°-degree entrances and a short travel of only 500mm between floors. Situated within an iKONIC self-supporting structure within the staircase and travelling a total of 19m. The interior was finished to the requirements of the client.

The client and architects had initially considered a second platform lift to enable wheelchair access to a short mezzanine level less than 500mm higher than the ground floor level enabling wheelchair access to the upper floors via the Fire Fighting lift.

Ikonic advised the client that it was technically possible to design the lift with 90°-degree adjacent entrance serving the short floor as the open protocol control system has the inbuilt flexibility to accommodate the additional floor. The implementation of this addition resulted in the staircase not requiring structural adaptations or the inclusion of an additional lift.

Finally, we installed our Hercules MRL fire-fighter lift at the rear of the hotel in full compliance to BS EN81-72. Travelling 25m serving 8 floors in total. We also upgraded the door sills to allow linen trolley use by the hotel staff. The interior was also finished to the brand requirements of the client.


The installations were carried out by our factory trained engineers on time and within budget. All three lifts were manufactured and installed at the same time due to time restraints. Allowing for less able persons to access all floors of this elegant historic building whilst also retaining its original character.

The hotel chain was also able to enforce their brand and customer experience, with all lift interiors matching throughout the locations. With full compliant solutions. iKONIC also aided obtaining bream accreditations for the hotel and continue to offer service and maintenance support at their request.