Total Project Time:

18 Weeks

Our People:

Sales Manager
Project Manager
2 x Engineers

Installation Time:

24 Hours


Our Client

The Salutation Hotel and Spa is a luxurious Hotel in the heart of the market town of Ambleside in the Lake District. This 17th century hotel has 57 elegant rooms, a restaurant and several reception rooms and a restaurant where guests, both leisure and business, spend their time.

Our Client wanted a lift to service their 57 en-suite rooms and cross section of guests but due to the age of the building they not only had no lift, but had no space for a lift shaft to be installed. Having heard of iKONICs bespoke solutions the hotel manager contacted our team to help.

iKONIC Challenge

Due to the age of the Hotel a pre existing lift shaft did not exist in the 17th century building and space was limited. The period of the property meant it had many original features and the lift needed to complement its surroundings – specifically the mahogany handrail which ran along the staircase and the space which was to be used for the lift shaft.

Guests were staying at the hotel the entire time during the install and the process itself needed to have a minimum impact on their stay and the hotel staff’s working day.

Utilising minimum space within the hotel to assemble the parts of the lift as well as affecting the lives of the guests in the hotel. Not to mention removing part of the roof to enable lowering the lift into the allocated space between the staircase.

iKONIC Solution

In the absence of a pre-existing lift shaft in the 17th century building, our engineers used their sophisticated thought process to use the inner core of the dog leg, spiral stair case as the shaft footprint – creating an aesthetic feature of the lift shaft.

Our project managers sourced a coating process in Italy which enabled us to have the aluminum profiles of the lift finished in a matching mahogany wood effect. The lift car was cladded in Alcantara leather with removable panels so whilst at the time it perfectly reflected the luxury of the architecture of its surroundings, it is also easy to update to match new decor.

In order to cause minimum impact on all of the guests at the hotel the roof of the hotel was taken off and the lift was place in the designated space by a crane resulting in only a 3 hour block on the staircase.

It was decided that creating and building the lift within its own self-supporting, aluminum and glass shaft structure at our partner manufacturers in Germany and shipping it over as a whole structure was the most time & cost efficient solution, for our client.

iKONIC Result

The lift was installed with minimum impact on guests and staff and thoroughly reflected the luxurious,
traditional atmosphere of the hotel.

It took just 24 hours to be up and running and the stairs were only inaccessible for a minimum 3-hour timeframe. Ensuring the traditional atmosphere and décor of the hotel was upheld.

Just 24 hours to be up and running from the start of the installation providing no downtime for the company and min disturbance.