Why Use A Lift Consultant?

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Why use a lift consultant?

Why use a lift consultant for over 40 years in the UK lift consultants have been operating. More recently the term Vertical Transportation (VT) engineer or consultant has proven more popular within the industry. However, there is a difference between the roles, which we are going to explain in the post.

What Is a vertical transportation engineer/consultant?

Vertical transportation or VT consultant term was created by the building design team for construction projects. Their prime focus and responsibilities are working with the architect, fire, structural and electrical engineers to incorporate and design the requirements for a building regarding lifts. Covering all types of vertical transportation equipment. Including anything required in a building to move people or goods between floors. Such as:

  • Low rise accessibility lifts
  • Goods only and goods and passenger lifts
  • Passenger lifts
  • Firefighting lifts
  • Evacuation lifts
  • Scenic or panoramic lifts
  • Escalators
  • Cycle Lifts
  • Dumb waiter lifts
  • Trolly Lifts

What is a Lift Consultant?

A Lift Consultant is generally more about the lifts in an existing building that has already been installed, their prime focus and responsibilities are somewhat different such as:

• Monitoring and managing lift maintenance for their client

• Advising on lift upgrades or refurbishments if required

• Creating a specification for lift replacement, modernisations, or repair work if the equipment is no longer fit for purpose or worn out.

• Providing specialist technical advice and knowledge, overseeing and project managing lift works

Within the lift consultancy market there are many more Lift Consultants than VT consultants, and fewer still that can offer both services and experience, including the VT building design and the services of the lift too.

The difference between a lift consultant and a vertical transportation engineer consultant

Understanding the different terminology used, we can discover what VT engineers and lift consultants do, and why you may need or want one.

Both are specialists within their field. Most will have worked for a number of years for a lift company to develop their knowledge. Often a specialist within a specific area of lifts.

As an example, consultants with lift commissioning or lift design experience are more likely to be vertical transportation engineers developing specifications for lifts. Whereas those with more a practical maintenance engineering background would generally be involved in the lift consultancy field, using their knowledge and experience to help with in-operations and assessments of lifts and escalators. With the niche and specialist nature of the lift industry, it is possible over the course of a career, before becoming a consulting engineer, an individual can have worked in several fields of the lift industry and developed their in-depth knowledge at all levels.


When looking for a VT Engineer or Lift Consultant for your project or building, take some time to think about what your requirements are and what you want their involvement to be. Ensure the consultant has the specialist knowledge and know-how and experience that you need.

iKONIC Lifts offer both VT and Lift Consultancy

Team iKONIC offers both VT and lifts consultancy within the UK and both roles are taken care of by our specialists. Along with our lift services and maintenance department which we also offer. Providing you with a one-stop solution ensuring your project is completed on time, budget and stress-free. So please do not hesitate to contact us.

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