Why Architects and Quantity Surveyor’s Choose iKONIC Lifts

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Sophisticated Lift Thinking

Team iKONIC is an independent UK lift engineering company offering many years’ experience in consultancy, design, and installation of Passenger, Goods, Platforms, and inclined lifts. Accredited to ISO 9001, 14001, OHAS 45001, and Annexe 11, and specialise in both the design and installation of custom bespoke lifts, where the necessary approvals are granted.

We are becoming the go-to company, for Architects and Quantity Surveyor’s when a standard installation is not possible, such as lift installations into listed buildings with structural limitations, which require a full BEIS derogation process.

Armed with proven lift solutions, for existing buildings with low pits and headrooms. Team iKONIC will ensure your project is completed on time and budget, advising your team from concept to completion. Utilising our vase experience from working on some of the most iconic buildings in the UK, tackling the most demanding challenges and elevated expectations.

Team iKONIC consider:

  • Architectural solutions
  • Traffic analysis
  • Product specifications
  • Experienced engineering
  • Sustainability and eco-efficiency
  • The Equality Act

to develop and deliver on demanding requirements.

Everything is taken care of and managed for you ensuring a smooth handover and the correct fit, form, and function is achieved the first time, on time, every time!

Extensive Product Range for Design Requirements

Offering an extensive product range that can be tailored to the challenge at hand whether that is technical or cosmetic, you can enjoy greater freedom with your design requirements and achieve a truly unique lift and experience for the end-user.

Due to being a British independent company iKONIC can select a wide range of quality market-leading components enabling flexible design, always ensuring packages are not limited by a single supplier’s range of products.

Ready Solutions for New Construction Buildings

Offering ready sustainable solutions for new construction buildings that are state of the art, which can complement your buildings design look and feel, and be compliant with the very latest legislation

One-Stop Trusted Service

Team iKONIC not only can consult, design, and install, our accreditations allow us to also offer safety and testing providing that one-stop service you can rely on, and allow for each and every project to be executed efficiently, safely, and without delay allowing you to concentrate on other aspects of your project.

Our extensive range of products includes:

Goods only and Goods passenger lifts, available in both structures and conventional shafts along with a range of dumbwaiters and trolley lifts for both internal and external applications.

Passenger Lifts offering a solution for every requirement and environment.

Platform and Incline lifts designed for all different application use, for both commercial and residential requirements

iKONIC Lifts offer in-house 3d design capabilities enabling us to model our designs to your exact needs. Working with all market sectors including, domestic, commercial, government, retail, and hospitality sectors

The more challenging a lift or accessibility project the more iKONIC wish be involved, elevate your next project and contact our team today, and discover more possibilities for your lift requirements.


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