Selecting a lift for your sectors

lifts for all sectors

A Basic How To guide to selecting a lift for Healthcare, Retail, Hospitality, and Industrial Sectors

A lot of companies and organisations utilising buildings with two floors or more can gain great advantages from installing a lift. Not just for accessibility purposes, but also increasing the efficiency and safety in the workplace.

Whilst business owners generally have a good idea of what type of lift will best suits their requirements, over the years iKONIC Lifts have discovered that a number of important points have often been overlooked, having to of corrected previously installed lifts in the past, that haven’t provided the correct fit and function for the company.

iKONIC Lifts have put this simple How To Guide together to make different sectors aware of the main considerations to take on board when selecting an elevator for your businesses building, below are some of the most important ones for Healthcare, Catering, Retail and Industrial lifts.

Healthcare Sector: Care homes

With life expectancy increasing, providing quality care for those with low mobility is critical to todays society and for ever growing in demand. Stairways can provide greater risk hazards and challenges for the disabled and elderly, making it an essential requirement to have the correct safe lift installed in your care home building.

New standards now require such premises to provide easy access to both communal and private spaces, for residents. Your lift that you select should also accommodate for the daily running of your care home. Regardless if you are providing full care in a nursing home or residential care home.

iKONIC Lifts Heavy-duty platform lift provides the ideal solution as it can be specifically designed to accommodate beds and trolleys. Installation can be completed with no major building work and can normally be completed within only five days. The aesthetics of the lift can be designed to blend into the environment. Including such items as protective barriers, mirrors and on-board telephones are advised to protect the lift walls from marks when transporting beds and providing a safe and comfortable ride for carers and residents.

Retail Sector: Shops

There is a selection of Passenger Lifts suitable for High Street Shops. Hydraulic lifts are genuinely the best options and requires less valuable floor space, with the workings being able to be placed anywhere. Hydraulic lifts also require less maintenance and are more cost effective to run.

If you are looking for that wow factor and a talking point feature for your large retail building, iKONIC Lifts Versatile Venus Scenic Passenger Lift provides a solutions for those with a eye for design and wanting to achieve that look to impressive. These lifts can add a touch of elegance and uplift the plainest of spaces. They also give a great view of the shop floor when being used and improve the customers shopping experience.

When looking for a Passenger lift for high frequency footfall and waiting to reduce your passenger waiting time. Then the New Next Generation Neptune Lift is the perfect choice the first lift on the market that travels faster than its normal speed. Allowing the lift to travel faster, cut passenger travel, and waiting times. Increase the buildings lift traffic capacity. Offering a lot of additional extras suitable for a retail lift.

Once you have selected the type of lift additional advertising can be incorporated and the company’s brand can also be reflected into the design of the lift, to aid brand awareness.

Hospitality Sector: Restaurants

Many existing buildings have the kitchen, service areas, and facilities on different floor levels. Installing a lift ensures that less mobile people can visit the toilet facilities, if on a different floor level. A lift can also provide fewer safety hazards and be a lot more efficient for transporting food and drinks up and down stairways.

If your building services are offered over two levels or more, you will need to provide disabled access to the upper levels of your restaurant. iKONIC Jupiter passenger lift, such as the one iKONIC Lifts installed in London’s popular xoxo Restaurant, offers a perfect solution, this lift as can yours was designed to match the look and feel of the building and brand, increase the customer’s experience.

When moving food and drinks between floors the most efficient way is via a Dumb waiter or Service Lift. Allowing your staff members to remain with your customers. These can be installed quickly, with little to no disruption to your business hours. Providing a small compact cost-effective way to deliver orders from the kitchen to the service area, safely and efficiently.

Industrial: Warehouses

When looking for a lift to transport heavy, bulky items between floor levels a robust solution is required to ensure efficient results. iKONIC Galaxy Goods lift is a stronger lift option and provides a more reliable solution, designed to handle challenging heavy loads, such as building materials and the like. When dealing with chemicals or food, special coatings can be applied to the lift car interior to withstand industrial environments. Specially designed for use in buildings with high turnover and movement of goods between floors. Offering a reliable high-performance machine, far superior to the standard platforms and goods lifts on offer.

If you are looking for a solution as strong and robust as the iKONIC Galaxy Goods lift but also wishing to transport an attendant iKONIC Dual Goods and Attendant Lift accommodates for this, and reduces the need to add additional lifts into a building when they are not really required. Giving you a dual purpose lift, or simply reducing the need for employees to use the stairs.

For smaller goods, iKONIC 250-300kg Trolly Lift provides a great cost-effective option for lighter loads which are required to be transported to and from a warehouse.

All sectors: BREEAM credit system.

When having a lift installed it is well worth asking if they can gain the Building Research Establishment Environmental Assessment Method (BREEAM Credit System) This is a sustainability assessment method that is used to masterplan projects, infrastructure, and buildings. BREEAM assessment method are voluntary, obtaining a BREEAM rating can help to gain planning approval, and is a mandatory requirement for many London-based Local Planning Authorities (LPAs).

If you would like help selecting the correct lift solution for your companies building and requirements, please do not hesitate to contact our friendly expert team.

Key items to think about for all market sectors when installing a lift include:

  • The frequency the lift will be use by its passengers
  • How many floors or meters the lift must travel
  • The weight or people capacity you require
  • The type of building the lift is to be installed into
  • Cosmetic look and feel of the lift car and landing doors
  • Any special additional requirements you would like to include, handrail, monitor screen for advertisement and information.
  • How will you meet the Equlity Act, Which replaced the DDA lift Requirments?

iKONIC Lifts offer free no obligation on site assessments to ensure you select the correct lift for your requirements first time, and help with advice on achieve the latest regulations and standards. So you can ensure your lift projects is installed on time and budget.

Below are some case studies on project we have completed for diffrent sectors that meet their lift requirements.

Retail Lift Solution

retail lift solution

Hospitality Solution

accessibility solution for hopitality

Warehouse Solution

good only lift solution