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With England being home to 400,000 Listed Buildings and iKONIC having provided Passenger, Goods and Platform lift solutions for prestigious buildings ranging from Medieval Castles, Cathedrals and Palaces to million-pound Residential Dwellings, iKONIC have overcame many technical challenges as unique as the buildings themselves.

Having identified a demand for proven innovative on time, complete lift solutions that simply work and ensure the correct fit, form and function is achieved first time. iKONIC have developed a service tailored to support Architects.

Unlike newbuilds

Where building regulations dictate type, shape, size and speed of a lift, Historic Buildings are more complex and are subject to derogation process and undergo design examinations as generally it is not possible to follow the general guidelines for new builds. Due to deviation from the norm, utilisation of additional equipment to provide the required level of safety and compliance to the lift regulations is increased. iKONIC LIFTS are approved and have significant experience of undertaking this specialist process and are quickly becoming the go to company for leading industry experts, due to our unique compliant first time solutions.

iKONIC are not only specialists in the design and installation, with access to iKONICs extensive significant range of specialist artisan finishes influenced from the most prestigious designers and manufactures in the world, enables the new equipment to seamlessly merge into England’s historic properties and aid preserve our world-famous heritage.

iKONICs consultative approach

Designed for peace of mind and working with iKONIC allows for visions to become reality, safely, compliantly and on time!

Have a look at our current case studies online and check back as we will be adding more for inspiration and ideas all the time.



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