Pro-Actively Lifting the Standard In 2020

The growing demand for excellence and 24/7 reliability, regarding lift solutions are exceeded by iKONIC LIFTS latest investment in product development. iKONICs cloud based remote lift monitoring system provides pro-active solutions to reach service and maintenance expectations in 2020 and beyond!

Sophisticated remote lift monitoring is now a standard product offering from iKONIC LIFTS. Providing 24/7 conditioning lift monitoring, controlled by an open protocol CAN Bus system, enabling remote access to the lift via virtual controls. Producing reports of trends to predict future failures as well as actioning remote adjustments. Delivering accurate fault diagnostics notifications to the iKONIC team, which will allow for prevention maintenance, additionally for diagnostics prior to an engineer’s site attendance.

Can Be Implicated Into Any Lift

iKONICs condition monitoring system can be quickly integrated onto any existing lift, utilising an API interface and a secured gateway to iKONICS cloud-based system. iKONICs leading monitoring tool can measure all key operating parameters and environmental conditions which can be viewed via most smart phones, allowing for diagnostic and if the correct fit, form and function of the lift has been executed for its environment.

Prevention Is Better Than Cure!

iKONIC aim to inform of lift issues before they arise. Utilising various levels of access to the monitoring dashboard, enables end users to have their own interface, so they too can monitor performance, availability, traffic, trends and energy consumption via a simple app!

New for 2020 iKONIC cloud base lift monitoring system will reduce downtime, improve operational efficiency and allows for faults to be predicted and resolved pro-actively.

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