Lift To Fit An Existing Lift Shaft

lift to fit lift shaft

Want to use an existing lift shaft?

When developing or renovating a building with an existing lift shaft it is very possible to specify a lift to fit with out making changes to your building.

iKONIC Lifts have helped many of our clients achieve this when they have been told it is not possible, for both passenger and goods lifts. To be successful choose a lift company with proven experience.

Ideally the lift company will offer to attend site and complete an onsite survey. To ensure the correct measurements of the space and assess any other challenges.

Looking for a quote to install a lift into an existing lift shaft fast?

Use this handy fillable PDF to request a quotation.

There are many factors to consider obtaining a quote for the supply and installation of a lift into an existing lifts shaft. This can be achieved by providing all the following information.

  1. A section & plan drawing of the shaft


  1. The following shaft dimensions:
  • Shaft Width
  • Shaft Depth
  • Pit Depth
  • Headroom taken from the upper FFL to the underside of an existing lifting beam
  • Floor to Floor Dimensions
  • Total travelling Height
  • Door opening width
  • Door height
  • Capacity
  • Number of Floors served
  • Environment (internal/external)
  • Shaft Construction
  • Door Positions

This information will allow for a quote to be produced.

If these dimensions are not readily available and the site is accessible, we can arrange for one of our team to conduct a site survey to progress the matter.

On Site Survey for A Lift

iKONIC lifts highly recommend requesting an on-site survey to ensure the dimensions are correct before manufacture of the equipment. We provide these free and can also highlight any other challenges and will ensure the dimensions are correct.

You can request an onsite visit or quotation here