Lift Service & Maintenance Your FAQ Answered

lift maintenace faq

Lift Service & Maintenance Your FAQ Answered

Building owners and facility managers have a number of duties to fulfill. A building with a lift can be quite daunting for someone who has never been responsible of one before. New clients often have the following questions for our service department at ikonic lifts. Maybe you just had a lift installed or you took over responsibility for a lift in a building.

I am managing a building with a lift which I am responsible for. What do I need to do?

This is a reasonable question if you have never managed a building with a lift before. You are responsible for maintaining your lift to ensure it is safe.

  • You should arrange for regular maintenance. As set out in legislation, periodic thorough inspections will be required if the lift is located in a workplace or public building.
  • If you already have a lift maintenance provider, arrange a meeting to discuss what it entails.
  • Verify your LOLER certificate is current, and your lift company has a copy.
  • Make sure you have an emergency plan in place.

 What is a thorough lift examination?

This is not the same as maintenance checks, although a lot of the checks are similar. A Thorough Lift Examination focuses on equipment safety in line with LOLER regulations. Normally carried out by your insurers or a nominated competent person.

It is not recommended to use your lift contractor as they will be assessing their own maintenance work. This can also be called a “statutory examination” or an “insurance inspection”.

A thorough examination should be scheduled, every 6 months for a passenger lift or once a year for a goods-only lift.

Can iKONIC Lifts look after any manufacturer’s lifts?

Yes. iKONIC lifts service department can diligently. We offer service contract tailored to your equipment requirements. Fault finding, repairs, remote lift monitoring, lift upgrades for any lift manufacturers.

If my lift breaks down and someone is trapped inside the lift, what do i do?

You are responsible for having an emergency plan in place.

The lift passenger should be able to raise an alarm for the emergency lift service to be alerted. Since July 1999 lifts have been required to have two-way communications.  We can help your lift with fully EN81-28 compliant auto-diallers.

Prevention is better than cure and a good service maintenance plan should ensure this is a rare occurrence, if this is frequently happening, contact us today and we can attend the site and evaluate your lift.

iKONIC lifts offer a 24hr call-out service for entrapments for our service contract customers.

Is any other test required for my lift?

This is no longer statutory but additional tests are instead supplementary. For older lift testing of the framework, there are 22 specific tests. These tests are only required if requested during your scheduled inspections by a competent person. Normally when concern is raised from routine maintenance, a lift consultant, or due to your own concerns.

My lift is old are there any current standards I need to upgrade and comply with?

BS EN 81-80 is the most current standard regarding the modernisation of existing lifts, and you must make adjustments to comply. The latest advancements in lift technology are simply more reliable and safer. If you are unsure don’t hesitate to contact our experienced friendly team.

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