iKONIC Lift Services Now Offering Lift Service & Maintenance

iKONIC Lift Services Now Offering Lift Service & Maintenance to All

iKONICs Lifts Services department has been historically only available to our clients for whom we have installed lifts in the past. With an increasing number of past clients returning to us due to having experienced a lack of service and higher downtimes, from third parties.

Our New Service Manager, Chris Hastings has seen an opportunity to grow this department in 2022 and has decided to offer up our expertise and highly qualified service engineers to all.

Chris Commented:

“Having helped many struggling lift owners over the last 19 years working as a lift engineer, and attending visits to help resolve lift issues myself, to help people who have contacted us out of contract. I have seen the lack of due diligence on the maintenance of lifts that causes downtimes, (lifts out of order, entrapments) that simply do not need to occur! Items that should be completed as standard in a lift service, simply not completed. Our service and maintenance are second to none and we understand the importance of the lift working for our clients and have strict procedures and processes in place and a standard of care.

I wish to grow our service department and can see the requirement for a trusted lift service and maintenance company that understand when a lift simply must be working, hotels being a prime example. When they are maintained correctly, they perform correctly. I have decided to open our experienced talented team officially to all. To which I will grow accordingly”

Chris Hastings | Service Manager

chris hastings ikonic lifts services

Contact a lift service department you can put your trust into. We inform and advice our clients so they can make informed decisions and select service contracts that meet their needs, keeping their lifts working. Which in the long run saves you time and money!

Our clients enjoy:

  • 24/7 BREAK DOWN SUPPORT 365 days a year
  • Rapid Response to call outs
  • Preventive maintenance – reducing call outs
  • Quality components – high sustainability
  • Compliancy and regulations check
  • Upgrades and refurbishments
  • Remote monitoring
  • Traffic analysis
  • And so much more

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