iKONIC UK Design Partnership with IGV Group

ikonic and IVG partnership

Calibration to Elevate Your Lift Expectations In 2021

iKONIC Lifts Ltd is pleased to announce our new partnership with IGV Group SpA. These are exciting times here at iKONIC adding a further range of advanced technology and uniquely designed finishes, with Italian style to our passenger lift range.

iKONIC Lifts deep knowledge of standards and know-how along with the proven success of bespoke lift projects attracted IGV Group SpA. Who approached us to be their UK partner of choice, as head of their UK Design Hub. It is a great privilege to work with the long-standing and notable Milano based company established in 1966, a leader in Residential, Architecture and Design Solutions. At international level across 70 countries driven by AUSTRALIA as TOP Market and as a success story to reproduce and consider.

Our shared vision for the future of lift design and technical solutions will allow for the design and manufacturing process to focus on highly customised lifting platforms and complete lift systems. Which translate our companies’ values of quality, innovation, and passion. Team iKONIC is excited by IGV Group products which offer exclusive craftsmanship. Where product development, advanced technology, and luxury design combine to meet customer requirements and safety standards, which iKONIC are well known for in the UK when designing, installing, and delivering on time, stress-free proven lift solutions.

Technology Meets Design

Our passenger lifts will blend symbiotically with the surrounding space, as it captures the environment unique mood. It reveals its soul by following a process of innovation, constantly shifting between aesthetics and functionality.

The exciting new range of passenger lift products is the epitome of versatility and flexibility and will suit any architectural context, any building features, despite any historical constraints or reduced spaces.

More Sustainable Lift Solutions For 2021

With climate change driving design solutions towards sustainable strategies to reduce carbon footprints. Limiting the environmental impact and offering sustainable lift systems with zero consumption is our way to put attitude and beliefs into action.

Advanced solutions are extremely scalable and allow to improve greatly comfort, energy performance, and consumptions, as well as the system reliability.

Calibration to Elevate Expectations This Spring

This joint calibration of our companies will provide a unique offering and complete lift solutions across the UK for prestigious luxury lifts for architects and heritage buildings. iKONIC specialising in both the design and installation of custom bespoke lifts, where necessary approvals are granted. With proven solutions for low pits and headrooms. iKONICs highly accredited status of ISO 9001, 14001, OHAS 45001, and Schedule 18 of the lift’s regulations, will ensure that the right fit, form, and function is achieved on time! That will meet the most challenging design requirements of architects.

Look out for more updates as we will be introducing the new Ad Hoc range very shortly.

Ad-Hoc is not only a concept but a new CULTURE in the Lift industry, where lift shows who we are, where we are and define the quality of the experience during a ride…  

from Sabrina Colla, the UK Export Area Manager & Head of Ad-hoc project.

We are excited to add a new feather to our cap, and look forward to working with IGV to produce some truly inspirational and sustainable innovated lift designs and solutions”

from Mark Hastings, the Managing Director of iKONIC Lifts Ltd.