iKONIC Evacuation Lift Package

Evacuation Lift Components

iKONIC EVAC Lift Package

Evacuation lifts are increasingly being installed into new buildings where relevant. With existing lifts being upgraded where possible.

There are many factors to consider when installing a evacuation lift. Many are explained in articles on this website, one question we are often asked are “what different lift components are on a Evacuation lift”.

Shown is a BS9999 evac kit for a lift. You can see in the diagram the system overview. With a brief description on each component.

Items for an Evacuation Lift

LMS – Lift monitoring system (required)

Power supply and LMS unit. Can be used to send an LMS message through a telephone. LMS messages are triggered by events defined in the entrance unit.

Car station (recommended)

Microphone and speaker unit for lift car installation. There can only be one car unit per system.

Floor station (required)

Landing unit to be fitted on each point of evacuation, normally one per floor. Maximum 99 floor stations can be used in an EVAC system. Minimum 1 unit is required. Button, illuminated when system is active.

Entrance station (required)

The required master unit of the system. All commands and logic is handled by the entrance unit. Max two entry stations can be connected per system.

Connection board (optional)

Connection board used to easily retrieve and share supply power and bus signal for entrance, car and floor stations through an RJ45. Speeds up installation and reduces the need for cabling.

postion of components on a evacuation lift

iKONIC Evacuation Lift Package includes the below to comply with BS999

Entrance station (required)

Evac entrance station engraved with English text

Entrance station main unit include:

Keyboard, display & PTT button.

 Front plate engraved with fire-logo

 Key switch, triangular.

 Back cover.

 Memory card microSD for logging, 4 GB.

 Flat cable RJ45, 5m.

LMS – Lift monitoring system (required)

Power supply and LMS unit.

Cable to SL6, 2m. 11.30 till still now 1.51

Wall mount screws, 2pcs.

Floor station (required)

EVAC Floor station – with button, flush mounted, vandal-proof, English text

 Floor station unit.

 Front plate, engraved

 Push-to-talk button, illuminated.

 Back cover.

 Wall mount screws, 2pcs.

 English text: “Lift Evacuation Intercom”

Car station (recommended)

EVAC Car station COP

Car station, surface mounted

Connection board (optional)

EVAC Connection Board. Each connection board comes with a 5m open-ended cable and 2 contacts for simple wiring between voice stations and the lift shaft.

RJ45 connection board for EVAC units.

Cable 5m, open end.

RJ 45 plugs, 2 pcs

We hope this helps answer some of your questions and of course if we can be of help at all please do not hesitate to contact us.

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