What is the difference between a platform lift and a passenger lift?

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iKONIC lifts are asked this question quite frequently. There are many types of lifts that are designed for different purposes and it is important to know the difference, to ensure your lift solution provides the correct fit, form, and function for your requirements. So let’s look at the difference between the two most popular types of lifts for transporting people between floors in a building, these are Platform Lifts and Passenger Lifts.

What is a Passenger Lift?

This is what most people think of when a lift is mention. It can carry multiple people from one floor to the next safely, with the most common accommodating up to 8 people. These types of lifts are mentioned in in Volume 2, Part M of current building regulations. A Passenger Lift travels quicker than 0.15m/s which makes them a more efficient option for transporting people vertically in a building fast.

Passenger lifts require a lift shaft to be installed to incorporate the lift workings such as mechanics and passenger car. These lifts are typically selected in new construction buildings, where including a lift shaft is less challenging or where previously a lift shaft has already been installed.

It is a good idea to select a passenger lift if required as the main way of transporting people, around a building between floors, and that will have a high expectancy of regular use.

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What is a Platform Lift?

Also described as a Vertical Lifting Platform these lifts are generally selected when required for fewer passengers at a time, or to provide access to upper floors of a building for wheelchair users. Plat form lifts travel at a slower speed and generally only serve one or two floors of a building.

Depending on the buildings requirements Platform lifts provide many solutions, they can be designed to accommodate up to 5 people, or simple as an accessibility solution for one wheelchair user. There are many types of Platform lifts and it is important to select the correct one for your requirements. Installing these types of lift are less challenging due to not requiring a shaft or a pit to be dug. Making it quicker to install and a solution for where there is limited space available.

Platform lifts are a good idea if most people will use the stairs or where it is not deemed possible, or necessary to install a Passenger Lift. Preferred for low-rise buildings or domestic properties where usage is not as high, also making a great choice for providing access in existing public buildings with limited space to meet the equality act requirements.

Passenger vs Platform Lift

  • Passenger Lifts are FASTER and more EFFICIENT than Platform Lifts
  • Passenger Lifts require a lift shaft, whilst Platform Lifts do not
  • Platform Lifts require less space and are more cost effective to install
  • Passenger Lifts are designed for high frequency footfall and can handle more passengers at a time
  • Platform Lifts are designed for less passengers at a time
  • Platform Lifts are designed to travel less distance and for use in low-rise buildings
  • Platform Lifts provide a good solution for accessibility and meeting the equality act

It is recommended you select a Passenger Lift if:

  • Speed is important
  • High Usage Expected
  • Travelling more than 2 or 3 floors
  • People Capacity over 4

It is recommended you select a Platform Lift if:

  • Speed is not important
  • Low Usage
  • Travelling up to 3 floors
  • People Capacity under 4
  • Limited Space
  • Lower Budget

If you are not sure what would be the correct choice for your building contact our team. iKONIC Lifts offer free no-obligation onsite assessments. We offer a range of Passenger Lifts and Platform Lift solutions, and our accreditations allow us to provide sustainable bespoke solutions.

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