Breeam credits for passenger lifts

breeam lift

BREEAM or ‘Building Research Establishment’s Environmental Assessment Method’ is the way to ensure sustainable value and efficiency in your development project. iKONIC Lifts can achieve BREEAM credits for our passenger lifts which can help your building reach the best possible scores.

BREEAM UK Construction 2018 rating system

Awards points for passenger lifts, moving walkways and escalators for new builds. Vertical transportation falls under the energy section. With aim to recognise and promote the specification of energy-efficient equipment.

Lift Energy Efficiency Matters More

Selecting a lift historically has been all about safety, space availability and useability. Increasing more than ever is the energy consumption. iKONIC Lifts passenger lifts can generate up to two BREEAM credits to your development project, by specification that complies to criteria stated in Ene06

How to achieve your BREEAM UK NC 2018 – En06 Credits

To achieve your first credit you would have to meet the below criteria and we have included how ikonic lifts can help.

ONE CREDIT Energy Consumption

Specifications for lifts, escalators and/or moving walkways.

An analysis of the transport demand and usage patterns for the building to determine the optimum number and size of lifts, escalators and/or moving walks.

iKONIC can complete and issue you the specified analysis and usage.

A calculation of the energy consumption in accordance with BS EN ISO 25745 Energy performance of lifts, escalators and/or moving walks, for at least two types of system.

iKONIC can calculate and issue energy consumptions in accordance with BS EN ISO 25745 standards

The use of regenerative drives should be considered, subject to the requirement in CN3.3.

iKONIC can provide you with the evidence of the energy savings of the drive.

Where the use of regenerative drives is demonstrated to save energy is specified.

iKONIC can conduct an energy saving report of the drive use.

Please note: regenerative drives can add cost to your lift. Typically selected for high travel and high frequent use. BREEAM recommends only to be considered where it produces an energy saving more than the additional standby energy used to support the drives.

The first credit achieved you can then obtain further credit by achieving the below

TWO CREDITs Energy Efficiency Features

Specifications where the following 3 energy efficient features are specified:

The lifts operate in a standby condition off-peak period’s. For example, the power side of the lift controller and other operating equipment such as lift car lighting, user display and ventilation fans. Switch off when the lift has been idle for a prescribed length of time.

iKONIC can provide standby conditions

The lift car lighting and display lighting, provides an average luminous efficacy (across all fittings in the car) of>70 luminate/circuit Watt.

iKONIC can provide

The lift uses a drive controller capable of variable speed, variable-voltage and variable-frequency (VVVF) control of the drive motor

iKONIC can provide you with the evidence of the energy savings of the drive

Where the use of regenerative drive is demonstrated to save energy is specified.

FAQs Regarding BREEAM and Lifts

Can you obtain BREEAM Credits for all lift types?

BREEAM criteria does not apply to Platform or Goods lifts, as these come under the Machinery Directive. However any lifting device that has a speed > than 0.15m/s must be assessed by BREEAM this includes goods vehicle and platform lifts

How many points for my BREEAM project can I obtain from my vertical transportation?

If you have only have lifts, or escalators / moving walks a max of two credits are possible. If both lifts and escalators / moving walks are in the building then there are three credits available.

I am completing an extension to a building that currently has a lift can I obtain BREEAM credits?

Lifts present in the existing building fall outside the Ene 06 scope and do not need to be assessed. The above applies only where the lifts are not being renewed or undergoing a major refurbishment.


If you have any questions please do not hessitate to contact team ikonic.

This post was approved by BREEAM.

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