Ad Hoc Lift Concepts Coming to the UK

Ad Hoc Lifts UK

A Revolutionary Concept for the Lift World

Ad Hoc is a new generation of products interpreted by the most influential names in architecture, in which the lift becomes an extremely customisable design object.

iKONIC Lifts and IGV are pleased to announce the new range is coming to the UK this spring, featuring bold designs with compelling colour combinations are conceived to encapsulate the subtle boundary between art, craftsmanship and design. Lines are shaped by their own distinctive aesthetics that builds the identity of environments and spaces with unmistakable features.

Versatile and flexibility, the lift ranges suit any architectural context, any building features, despite any historical constraints or reduced spaces. Refined and exclusive lift concepts created by well-known architects and designers.

Our company has always stood out for its innovative approach to the lift. We are now promoting a revolutionary concept widely drawing from our technical expertise and bespoke craftsmanship to meet the most challenging design requirements by architects.

Michele Suria, IGV Group’s CEO

Lift Designs for Architects by Architects

The lift shall become an integral part of the architecture, therefore IGV Group has chosen Giulio Cappellini as art director.

Giulio Cappellini has been recently selected by Time magazine as one of the top ten trendsetters for fashion and design and he will be coordinating the company’s activities, as an interface for extremely different personalities. Cappellini will promote a revolutionary concept for the lift role in the architecture field.

My goal? Turning the lift into a dynamic architecture and making it a truly sensorial experience for the user. The lift can be the protagonist, finding, like any iconic object, the right balance between shape and function.

Giulio Cappellini, IGV Group’s Art Director

iKONIC will be releasing more information very shortly

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