A Simple How To Guide For Purchasing A Passenger Lift

Many businesses, organisations and homes require lift solutions, providing vertical transportation, if you haven’t purchased a lift before it can be quite daunting and selecting the right kind of passenger lift that is fit for purpose can be difficult but critical.

iKONIC LIFTS LTD offer below a simple how to guide for buying a passenger lift that will help you make an informed conclusion allowing you to invest in a product that will fit, is the correct form and provides the functionality you require.

The Lift Function

Ensuring the lift you select is fit for purpose is one of the most important factors to consider when determining which model you select. Practicality and key design elements should be a top priority.

As an example, you may be choosing a lift because you simply wish to replace a stair way as the primary means of moving between floors in your building. If this accessibility issue is paramount importance, ensure to factor this in as you review potential lift systems.

Alternatively, you may be wishing to make an impact and a statement feature and a talking point in your home. In these circumstances the lift will need to look good and impress guests, just as much as allowing access to additional floors in your building. You may be inclined to invest considerable time and effort in reviewing styling options and visual details.

Considering how many people and the capacity you may require along with the frequency the lift will be used also plays a major factor.

Our clients sit somewhere along the continuum between form and function, who required technical solutions or bespoke cosmetics, establishing your requirements can be a real help when purchasing a lift.

The Lift Aesthetics

We mostly work with clients where the look of the lift is most important, ensuring before hand that the system can be properly integrated into a living space or hotel, corporate or listed building in a way that compliments the existing features and its environment. This is easier to achieve with a new building, while potentially rather more challenging if you are renovating an existing property, however iKONIC have proven solutions for such instances, for many requirements.

Working with iKONIC you can specify everything from the size of the lift to the colour or type of materials used in the construction, although there can be constraints resulting from space limitations and your budget. Seeking expert help in order to work through any tough decisions or possible solutions will be advisable at this point.

The Lift Safety

Obviously, industry regulations governing lift safety which are in place, so when you plan to install one into your building, it is vital that you thoroughly understand the applicable regulations. For example, UK manufacturers, installers and importers of lift equipment and ancillary safely equipment