5 Top Tips for a Platform Lift

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5 Top Tips for a Platform Lift

5 top tips for buying a platform lift that may help you save time, money, see if you are purchasing the right vertical transportation for your building. You should consider certain aspects when selecting a platform lift. The following article outlines these aspects.

Here are the two most common questions we are asked about platform lifts.

How high can a platform lift go?

Lift companies call this vertical travel. Vertical platform lifts can extend up to 14 feet (approx. 4.3 meters). If you require more travel, then you should look at a passenger lift. Platform lifts normally travel slower than a passenger lift and generally only serve a couple of floors.

Do Platform Lifts need a pit?

Installing a Platform lift is easier than a passenger lift as they do not require a shaft or pit to be dug. Resulting in a quicker installation and a good option when space is limited.

iKONIC Lifts Tops Tips When Considering a Platform Lift

  • Space Available for the lift
  • Consider Who Will Use The lift and how often
  • Number of Floors the Lift Will Server
  • Will The Lift need to Transport Goods
  • The Lift Aesthetics

1.How much space is available for a lift installation?

One of the most important factors is the space available and where the lift will be positioned in your building. Platform lift can be external or internal to the building. They can be supplied with their own lift shaft or be installed in to pre-existing ones.

Knowing where you intend the lift to be installed will make it simpler selecting the right lift for you. Commercial buildings and companies tend to have more space, allowing for larger platform lifts. Whilst home lifts can have limited space available. Choosing the right sized vertical lift should always be an early consideration as it can impact on:

  • cost
  • energy consumption
  • capacity

2.Who will be using the platform lift and how often?

When installing any lift, it is important to understand who will be using the lift and how often. For a commercial building with a lot more passengers or greater frequency of use, a passenger lift may be a better option. To accommodate wheelchair users, the lift car size must be appropriate.

As platform lifts are easier to install and more cost-effective than passenger lifts, they are well worth considering. Remember platform lifts are slower and are best suited to situations with fewer passengers and less frequency of use. If you want to ensure your building’s needs are met, you need to carefully consider this. These lifts are a great option for a lot of businesses and homes. If you are uncertain, seek advice or request a traffic analysis.

3.Number of Floors the lift will neeed to serve

All vertical lifts are designed to travel between floors; however, some are designed to travel further than others. iKONIC Lifts recommend not traveling over 4 floors or 4 meters with a Platform lift, regardless of if it is for commercial or domestic use.

4.Will The lift be Transporting Goods

Platform lifts can be a great efficient and economical option to transport goods. 1000kg Heavy Duty Platform lift is a great solution for most requirements. These lifts need robust flooring and door sills and need to meet the required accreditations. They can be installed into building in a few days with minimal or no disruption to your company.

5. The Lift Aesthetics

Decide early on how important this is to you. Are you just interested in the functional use, or would you like a seamless integration to match your architecture or home décor. Companies can brand Platform Lifts with their logos and brand colours. They can also have display panels that display company messages to employees and visitors. Cosmetic options are many with platform lifts, and these can look amazing both inside and out. It is much more cost-effective to choose these at the time of manufacture as opposed to changing your mind after installation.

You can choose whether they blend in well with the building or define it, and they can add value to it. Your choice of celine, lift shafts, buttons, handrails, mirrors, floorings, and doors can all reflect your taste. If you use the right lift company, they will provide samples, of materials and colours within your budget, to match your brief.


If this post hasn’t raised any concerns or questions for you then you more than likely are able to go with a platform lift as the best solution for your building or home. If you like to learn more about the difference between a passenger and platform lift read this article.

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