Our Heritage

First established in 2006 by leading industry experts and engineers who came together to aid the ever-increasing demand of accessible lifts, due to the release of The Equality Act/ DDA, who’s aim was to ensure that a disabled person is not discriminated against, and replaced the almost identical requirement within the Disability Discrimination Act. Which states the preferred way to provide disabled access is a passenger lift particularly for new developments, followed by a platform lift and last solution a stairlift, after all other options have been explored.

Since conception iKONIC has addressed and provided solutions to tackle the ever-changing requirements in the construction industry, having gained experience over many years that is regularly drawn upon, our reputation grows and the complexity of our projects increases. This was notably seen prior to and during the design and operation of the 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games, with the delivery of several major projects in preparation for the global event. We readily provided and gave extensive guidance on the development of inclusive design strategies, the use of design, access statements and the development of an access strategy, which iKONIC fully adopted and implicated into their lift installation procedures.

Which is why since inception all our relevant products come with these standards as an option and when required by law for new buildings. iKONIC have also developed the necessary “know-how” to aid compliance with existing buildings and shafts, with proven solutions. A key change that architects should look out for is the update to BS EN81-20 for new builds or BS EN81-21 for existing buildings and EN81-50 for the design and manufacture of lifts. Although first published in 2014, the new standards only took effect in August 2017 and any lift installed after that date must comply with the new standards by law. 

iKONIC often still come across installations where the lift has been designed to the old standard and this can cause issues, as lift pits and lift overruns have increased, which iKONIC can provide compliant solutions for and ensure legalities are met fully and are as up to date and future proof as possible.

iKONIC have developed into the go-to lift company, we are renowned for providing complete solutions where our competitors have failed. Working with contractors and architects on exciting prestigious lift solutions, catering for experts with bespoke and elite expectations.

Utilising over 150 years combined experience and being at the start of the boom in the industry,when demand was at its peak, iKONIC quickly established a presence, recognised by the construction industry as the can-do lift company. From engineering challenges to cosmetic desires, supported by established reliable worldwide connections and utilising our expert industry knowledge, iKONIC quickly developed into the company we are today.

The more challenging a lift project, the more bespoke and unique it must look, the more iKONIC want to be involved, it is our passion and we have installed and completed some of the most prestigious lifts in the UK.

iKONIC are constantly evolving and ensuring we are at the forefront of our industry, offering the very latest solutions possible to our clients.  If you have a challenge regarding a lift design or installation for domestic or public use, from an engineering solution requirement to a cosmetic challenge, iKONIC can help. In fact, we challenge you to challenge us.