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Welcome to the home of award-winning sophisticated lift thinking!


iKONIC specialise in bespoke lifts which in certain circumstances may require a reduced headroom, reduced pit depth, and non-standard shaft sizes. Being approved to Annexe 11 of the lift regulations 2014, we are qualified to explore safe solutions outside the norm with the correct approvals in place.

Whether you are looking for a:

  • Platform Lift or Step lift for accessibility purposes.
  • An impressive Bespoke Passenger Lifts or the ultimate Scenic Glass Lift for that WOW factor
  • A Goods Lift or a Dumb Waiter


iKONIC can deliver we guarantee you quality and integrity of service from start to finish and believe in ensuring our customers can describe our services in three short phrases – on time, on budget, and stress-free!


Every single component at iKONIC LIFTS is subject to stringent quality control, enduring the toughest tests and achieving certification to all necessary and applicable standards.

iKONIC work within the very latest industry standards and strive consciously to provide a fully compliant solution that meets all our clients requirements. You can be sure you will find iKONICs proactive and can-do approach very refreshing.

Our dedicated team are on hand to help with any requirements you may have, if you are a private client or an industry professional, we will give you the Ikonic experience.

iKONIC provide an expert and professional comprehensive lift service every time, which aids our abilities to be more creative, independent and flexible.

From lift installations and pro-active routine maintenance, to complex lift engineering consultancy and lift upgrades, we are often approached by clients, who are frustrated, where a company has installed a lift that is not fit for purpose, which we relish the challenge and aim to find a solution to rectify the issue.

Our teams skills really shine through when it comes to bespoke cosmetic interior design, you will discover that possibilities really are endless, when working with our consultants.

iKONIC offer an exceptional after care service, with different service contracts available to suit our client’s needs. Our lifts operate using open protocol as we are that confident, we provide the best bespoke lift solutions and services throughout the UK. Along with a proactive approach, we offer lift condition monitoring services for total piece of mind.

Our highly accredited status and work in the industry ensures iKONIC Lifts maintains extensive, long term associations with a wealth of private home builders and owners as well as major retailers, international hotel chains, historic buildings, prestigious architectural firms, local authorities and iconic institutions.

ikonic lifts, bespoke passenger lifts
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Why Choose iKONIC?

Very few lift suppliers have the experience and expertise to provide a truly tailored installation and fewer still have the correct accreditations to certify it as safe and compliant to the relevant standards.

However, iKONIC are uniquely positioned to do both. If you require a bespoke solution, tailored to fit an unusual configuration or architectural requirement, iKONIC Lifts has the design and installation experience, credibility and certification to deliver a truly innovative and compliant lift solution.

Regardless of the requirements such as cosmetic or technical challenges, utilising the art of precision lift engineering complemented by our tried and tested installation solutions.

Our team is a collaboration of talented consultants, multi-disciplined lift engineers, supported by creative interior designers and a purchasing team who source the finest components in the world from our trusted global partners, managed and guided by our project managers who ensure everything runs smoothly, to create the most prestigious lifts in some of the most iKONIC buildings throughout the United Kingdom

Driven by passion, iKONIC can elevate elite expectations, ensuring our clients visions are bought to life, providing simply stunning results where safety is paramount, and luxury is supplied as standard.