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At IKONIC Lifts we understand how important a stair lift can be to enable you to live independently and enjoy your home.  We also realise that when you have invested in the quality of your surroundings you want this quality to be reflected in the stair lift which you choose.

With this in mind IKONIC Lifts offer a selection of high-end, traction drive stair lifts manufactured to the highest quality by our partner HIRO Lifts and designed to fit in with your homes’ surroundings.

We have stair lifts for any staircase, whether curved or straight, and offer a variety of options to ensure your chair is bespoke to your requirements. These include a variety of seat dimensions (height and width) and over 100 RAL colours for both the rail post and chair - just in case one of our standard 12 colours doesn’t quite work.

If you are unsure which stair lift is best for you, why not give a member of our team a call on 0203 376 6440 or email us at info@ikoniclifts.co.uk.

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