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HIRO 450


The Hiro 450 is a 300kg capacity short rise platform lift which, due to its unique quad-rack drive system, offers an extremely stable platform to the user. These features combine to make it one of the safest low rise platform lift models on the market.

With entry and exit on opposite sides, and a 1.5metre maximum travel height, these machines are ideal for an area where there’s no possibility of an inclined lift install or when the height difference is too small to justify a larger lift.

Compliancy sits at the heart of all our products here at IKONIC Lifts and our platform lifts are all designed to guarantee your project meets the specific requirements laid down within the Equalities Act 2010, BS8300 and Building Regulations Part ‘M’.

For more information call a member of our team on 0203 376 6440 or email info@ikoniclifts.co.uk.

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Up to 1.5m




Up to 300kg


Indoor or Outdoor

Operating Controls:

Constant pressure hand held controller fixed to a spiral cable


Quad toothed rack and pinion drive

Safety Features :

Private Use - Platform is fitted with an automatic safety bar that closes during travel

Safety Features:

Public Use - Aluminum shutter moves upwards as platform rises preventing the risk of access to the space beneath the platform

External Dimensions:

Platform width 1200mm, Platform depth 1250mm x 1400mm, Access ramp 1:6

Usable Platform Size:

Width 900mm, Depth 1250mm x 1400 mm

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