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Inclined Platform Lifts from Hiro

HIRO Lift is our German based partner manufacturer and a world renowned producer of quality, user friendly inclined platform lifts for transporting wheelchair passengers.

Our HIRO Inclined Platform Lift Range (sometimes referred to as wheelchair stairlifts) is specifically designed for when there isn’t enough space for a vertical solution and they are capable of being installed in both indoor and outdoor locations.  The design is very user friendly to ensure that wheelchair lift passengers feel safe and secure during their journey .

Available in a range of sizes and RAL colours - enabling each lift to fit neatly into its surroundings -  our models offer access solutions for both single straight runs (HIRO 350) and for staircases where there is a bend and either one or multiple landings (HIRO 320).

The exterior wheelchair inclined platform lifts can provide an excellent solution when it is not possible to fit a vertical lift.

If you aren’t sure which solution is best for you, why not give a member of our team a call on 0203 376 6440 or email info@ikoniclifts.co.uk.

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