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Traction Lifts


At IKONIC Lifts we believe in sophisticated lift thinking and our Traction Drive Passenger Lift Range is testament to this belief.

Our Lift Cert accreditations and sophisticated products ensure an exceptionally shallow pit measuring as little as 30 cm is all that is required for us to deliver you the elegant, compliant solution you’re looking for.

Our traction lift range use a unique patented traction drive system, developed with our partner Lift manufacturer HIRO Lifts, which enables the drive to sit either on the car itself (fixed on the top or on the side) or in the counterweight of the lift.

This elegant engineering opens up endless design possibilities for architects as it enables the shaft and car to be integrated in the overarching architectural concept.

For more information call a member of our team on 0203 376 6440 or email info@ikoniclifts.co.uk.

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Ideal for frequent use


Variety of lifts available to carry loads of between 4-13 persons (400-1000kg)


0.2 m / s - 1.6 m / s

Pit Depth:

Min 0.3m

Shaft Width:

At least 1.5 m

Shaft Depth:

450 kg: at least 1,42 m 630 kg: at least 1.70 m 1000 kg: at least 2.42 m

Building Type:



Individual design possible on panels in the cabin and at the stations

Feature 1:

Patented traction drive in counterweight, centrally-run cabin with two guide rails

Feature 2:

Individual design of the elevator shaft and the cabin possible

Feature 3:

Motor Room Less (MRL)

Feature 4:

Variety of cabin and shaft options available including round shape and glazed exterior walls

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