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Hydraulic Lifts


At IKONIC Lifts we believe in sophisticated lift thinking and our Hydraulic Passenger Lift Range is no exception.

We offer a wide range of Motor Room and Motor Room Less (MRL) solutions and each product has been selected by our team for its quality, versatility, safety and compliance.

The low mechanical complexity of hydraulic lifts makes them an ideal solution for low rise, low traffic installations. Our engineers  have many years of experience in creating reliable, great value solutions which can be installed in a minimum timeframe.

To ensure our client’s lives are as easy as possible, we also provide an extensive service portfolio which can be tailored to suit all budgets and applications.

For more information call a member of our team on 0203 376 6440 or email info@ikoniclifts.co.uk.

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Ideal for lighter traffic frequency


Wide range of rated load capacities available, please contact us for further details

Building Type:

Low Rise – Medium Rise


Flexible dimensions available, please contact us for further details


No danger from counterweights means installation, servicing and evacuation are extra safe


Wide variety of finishes available, please contact us for further details

Feature 1:

Versatile and can adapt to multiple purposes, transporting goods and/or passengers

Feature 2:

Motor Room and MRL options available

Feature 3:

Short Installation period

Feature 4:

Variety of service options available to suit all budgets and applications

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